Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on...Everything

I wanted to give a quick bug update - after that last blog I was really, REALLY upset about the bugs. I had called the landlords and they told me they sprayed in July and they would spray again..I dont' know if they really did, but the bug problem had lessened a little bit. But after that hobo I was quite upset again. I told everyone at work about it and one guy came to my aid! He went home and got some bug spray and brought it back for me. I took it home and Cody sprayed around the outside of our apartment. He said while he was spraying in one spot about 15 spiders ran away from the spray. YUCK! He also looked online and found a natural spray to use inside. We could've used the same spray as outside, but we just wanted to see if the natural one would work. I think it was only soap, water, and lemon oil. Apparently spiders hate anything citrus.

Since then we have had a couple little itty-bitty spiders, but nothing too scary. Hooray! Hopefully it lasts.

At the beginning of the month Cody's family came to visit! It was so fun. His parents brought his little brother, Cory, to school here and they got to spend the weekend with us. While they were here my friends, Alicia, Christine, and Shaylen, threw a baby shower for me. It was such a blast and we played tons of fun games and had lots and lots of yummy food! They know how much I love MNM's and there were TONS there! I still have a bag left from it! :) My favorite game was one where Alicia had asked Cody questions and videotaped him and his responses. She would ask me the same questions and I had to match his answers. The questions were hard!!! She asked how much he thought the baby would weigh and he said, "Well, she's pretty big...So like 9 lbs 5 oz." I was like-WHAT?! That's INSANE! (He meant the baby was big..Not me :) She asked another question of what he was most excited about to have a baby and he said, "Just playing with my little girl." It was so cute. All the girls at the shower "awww'd" for a minute.

I would have tons of pictures to post from the shower, but they were all taken with Tami's camera and something happened to it when we came home! We were so sad. For some reason the memory card kept saying to be formatted and wouldn't show us the pictures, so we dont' have any from that shower. I was pretty bummed.

The next weekend Cody and I went to Utah for another (and last) baby shower! My sisters-in-law, April and Katie, and my sister, Amy, planned a super fun baby shower that was in April's awesome backyard. It was so perfect outside. The weather was just awesome and the food was fabulous and everyone had a great time!! It was so fun to see so many old friends and all the people that came. April is an awesome photographer, so I asked her if she'd take some pictures with our camera. Here are a couple she took with hers.
April made these cupcakes on a stick. She told us not to eat them...So we didn't, but they looked AWESOME! SO super cute.
My sister-in-law, Katie. Isn't she so cute?!
Katie made me a super cute diaper cake. Oh my gosh, it was awesome!!! So pretty!
YUM! Amy made this cake and it was sooooo yummy. And so pretty!!
These are by far my new favorite things of all time. It's a rolo on a pretzel with a pecan on top. OH my goodness. Heaven in my mouth.
My sister, Amy. I love this picture! She looks sooo pretty!
My BFF, Alyssa
I couldn't forget my brother, Noah. He was nice enough to let us have the shower at his house and he even sat through the whole thing! By the end he was sick of hearing just how "cute" everything was...but I think he secretly had a good time.
I'm super bummed we didn't get any pictures of April! I wish I would've thought of that before I put her in charge of picture duty.

Thanks again to Alicia, Christine, Shaylen, Amy, April and Katie for really super fun showers!!! They were both great and everyone had a blast! You guys are awesome!


Grandma Nell said...

Such a fun blog today! I love it! Great pictures too - thanks to April!! She is a terrific photographer! What a fun time we all had. I'm glad I got to be at two of your baby showers! Little Chloe should be all set by the time she gets here! Glad to hear your spider problem has gotten a bit better. You need a hard freeze and then they'll be all gone. You don't get those in California or Arizona - so you have spiders all year 'round there! Just remember that when you decide to move to a warmer climate! Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I made an appearance. It was the most fun I have ever had at a baby shower.


Amy said...

I'm glad I got to be at 2 baby showers too! So fun! Cute blog -- and thanks for the nice picture! I am so so so excited for Chloe to come!!!

Lani said...

Everything (and everyONE) looks so beautiful! Chloe is such a cute name! Good luck with everything!!

Ash said...

So did you watch the season premiere???!!!??? And beautiful pictures! I love the name chloe that is by far one of my favorite girl names. and did you watch grey's anatomy???


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