Sunday, July 7, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects

So a few months ago I signed up for Influenster and a couple weeks ago I got an awesome box with some awesome products inside! One of them was this amazing BB cream (BB stands for Beauty Balm) from Olay Fresh Effects. I've been using it now for over a week, and I haven't used foundation since. It's amazing. Yes, I did receive this product free from Influenster, but I will definitely be buying it again when it runs out...Which won't be for a long time, because there is SO much product in this tube!

Not only is there a lot of really great product, but it actually offers 6 amazing benefits when you're wearing it.
1 - 24 hour hydration and color. A lot of products claim this, but I feel like Fresh Effects goes on so smoothly and is so rich and creamy, it really does hydrate my skin all day long.
2 - Skin perfecting  - it evens out skin tones and really does make your skin look so smooth and gorgeous!
3- Sunscreen! - This one is HUGE to me! I don't ever put sunscreen on my face because I just don't think of it. Having a sunscreen in my foundation is a must. So having it in my BB cream is perfect! Love that it has sunscreen in it
4 - Tinted moisturizer
5- Evens tone
6 - Refreshes dullness

Honestly, I love it! To learn more about this awesome product go here. You can also purchase from here!

Try it out! You won't be disappointed!!!

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Karen M. Peterson said...

I totally want to try this stuff!


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