Monday, June 24, 2013

6 Month Old Baby

Oh, Charlotte. You are the sweetest little girl ever. I hope you forgive me for never posting any of your monthly updates on here, but you are growing by leaps and bounds and it's amazing to watch. You now weigh over 15 lbs and are bigger than our other girls were at this age, but are still in the 50% for all your measurements. 

You also have TWO teeth! Chloe and Preslie didn't get any teeth until they were 9 months old, so you are breaking a record around here! I couldn't believe when I felt one little tooth in there, and then just a couple days later I felt to see how that was coming in, and there was a new little tooth coming in! You are taking teething in stride and are still so happy, such an amazing sleeper (you sleep trained yourself and sleep all night long - about 9 hours a night) and love feeling those new teeth with your tongue. It's so cute to watch. You do really love chewing on EVERYTHING, though!

You can sit by yourself now, but fall over after about 5-7 minutes of sitting. You still aren't rolling around. Daddy says it because I never let you just lay down - I'm always holding you so you don't get the chance to learn how to roll! I guess I need to just leave you alone for awhile so you can figure it out! 

You love eating "real food" and so far have only had rice cereal and carrots. I actually made you carrots which I never did with the other girls. I always just bought their baby food but want to just make it this time around. It's so easy and I'm sure yummier! You love your food, but after a few bites you just start spitting as soon as the spoon hits your tongue and food goes all over both of us. It's quite exciting. As soon as that happens, Chloe and Preslie always say, "Don't even think about it!!" I guess I say that to you a lot when you do that! haha

Your nicknames include:
Baby Go-Go (The girls call you that all the time and both Daddy and I kind of hate it)

You also have started having some separation anxiety. I secretly love it. Of course, I love the thought of being able to leave you with someone and go have an hour to myself, but there's no better feeling than knowing how much your baby loves you! Yesterday during Relief Society, a woman was holding you. She was sitting right next to me and after about 10 minutes you looked at me and reached out and grabbed me and wouldn't let go! It melted my heart. So sweet! That was the first time you had ever reached out for me like that...Probably because I don't ever let anyone else hold you! 

Charlee, you are SO sweet and I'm so lucky I get to be your mom! I love you, sweet girl!


The Story of us said...

Hi Charlee! I'm Marly and I am one of your mom's friends. I got to baby sit you the other day and you were so adorable. You REALLLLY missed your mama and cried/screamed for a while but you would stop when you saw your sisters. They love you so much and always know what you need/want. Preslie came up to me and said "Charlee is sad because she misses mama" and she was right. I love how you smile with your tongue out and you have such big happy eyes.

Doug and Alyssa said...

She's so adorable! What a good little baby!

Beema said...

She is so loved by all of us! Charlee, you are so special and have such wonderful sisters, parents and grandparents who love you tons!! Welcome to our little family! We love you!


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