Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project 52

When we moved to Anaheim this past July I noticed on a lot of my friend's blogs here that they had something called "Project 52." Project 52 is something my friend, Karen, came up with to list 52 goals for the year. She explains it better and more in-depth here.

Last year, in July, everyone was in the middle of their 2011 Project 52. I was jealous. I wanted to join. Making lists is kind of on my top 10 of my favorite things to do, so yeah. Making a list of 52 things that would make me more awesome? I want in on that. 

But because it was July, I passed. I put it off because I...don't know why. I just did. 

But now the time has come. And instead of 52, I had 55. But because this is a very public blog, I've narrowed it down to 52 and kept the other 3 for myself :)

And, with no further explanation, here it is.

My 2012 Project 52.

1.Have 72 Hour kits for all 4 of us
2. Take a Zumba class
3. Go to an Angel's game
4. Go to Disneyland once a week until our passes run out
5. Read as much of the Standard Works as possible
6. Treadmill 3x a week
7. Have someone over for dinner once a month (1/12) -Yeah I've already completed that one for Jan! Go me!
8. 100% Visiting Teaching for 6 months
9. Go to the temple once a month
10. Blog once a week (please stop laughing)
11. Journal once a week
12. See Wicked
13. Send birthday cards to all immediate family - in time for their birthday!
14. Be with my girls more - don't say "hold on" as much
15. Graduate with my BS in Communications
16. Read 12 books outside of school
17. Train Axel
18. Play church songs on the piano after the girls go to bed
19. Do 1 craft a month
20. Clean throughout the day - clean as I go - clean up activity after it's over
21. Learn to use Cody's D60
22. Have a GNO (Girls-Night-Out) every other month sans kids - even if it means paying for a babysitter
23. Finish our house
24. Read two doctrinal books - Miracle of Forgiveness and...something else to be decided.
25. Wash and Vacuum my car every other month
26. Clean out my purse once a week
27. Re-memorize the Articles of Faith
28. Go on an out-of-the-house date once a month
29. Deep clean the fridge once a month
30. Go to Medieval Times (Anyone want to come with me?? It could be one of my GNO activities!)
31. Go to the beach every other month
32. Go on individual dates with the girls
33. Get toned - do Insanity with Cody
34. Mop every Monday
35. Do 1 thing romantic for Cody every week
36. Potty train Preslie
37. Night potty train Chloe
38. Read the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe series
39. Sing like a BBW during karaoke (Another GNO activity?)
40. Double our savings
41. Start and keep a budget for 3 months
42. Read scriptures for 30 minutes daily - but at least read 1 vs a day
43. Get rid of clothes and shoes I haven't worn in the last 6 months.....ok maybe clothes and shoes I haven't worn in the last year.
44. Buy myself flowers from a farmers market just because
45. Build a pergola in the backyard
46. Learn how to edit in photoshop
47. Plant a garden
48. Go to and be in the audience of a TV show...or be in one!
49. Complete all the "Baby Steps" from flylady
50. Go to a women's self-defense class and buy a rape whistle
51. Write to Cory once a month
52. Get my hair cut and colored 4 times

What's on your list this year?


Amber said...

Wait! Don't leave me hanging! You only posted 51 not 52 goals. Those look like awesome goals, and I am so in on the GNO, whatever it is! And maybe we should set up babysitting swapping so we can both make it to the temple. And last, you should come take my Zumba class with me sometime, and drag Karen with you because she never came last year ;)

Karen Peterson said...

I love your list! I think I can help with one or two of these...

Beema said...

Wow! Fantastic! Some of those are on my list too, like mopping and cleaning out the refrigerator more often! You go, girl!

Jennee said...

Great list! I've seen zumba on a lot of lists this year and it really is something worth getting in to. I'm so glad you are joining in this year! Can't wait to read about your adventures in accomplishing this list.

The Story of us said...

Great goals! I bet we can accomplish some of our goals together. We used to do a monthly craft night, let's bring it back!

The Lovely One said...

I'm going to Disneyland in March for the first time since I was a kid. We'll be in the park for two days with my 6-year-old. What are the must sees?

barlow.stephanie said...

I love your #44, I think we need a GNO for karyoke soon with Karen and the rest of the gang. I would love to join you for #51
Good list

Shelly said...

Great list! Too bad you're not closer, I could help you on some of those. Photoshop is the worst, not intuitive at all!


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