Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Preslie Pie!

Preslie is a joy and a blessing in our lives and we are so happy she is apart of our family!

Preslie is currently...
-Very into roaring. She does it all the time. (Including during the passing of the Sacrament)
- Can count to 13.
- Loves to sleep and asks to go to bed multiple times a day.
- Loves to sing and has sung (only once, but still) up to 2 hours at time. Her faves are ABC's, I am a Child of God and Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Loves to "lead" music (I think she gets that from me...I was leading "It's a Small World" at Disneyland during the ride...)
- Loves to take baths
- Loves her binky
- Everytime she takes her shirt off she balks like a chicken. I am not joking. Every single time! We have no idea why she does that or what started it, but she loves to be a chicken when her shirt comes off.
- Hates Disneyland...but she's getting better at liking it
- Loves Baby Signing Time and can sign like a champion
- Has a mullet that will probably never grow out.
- Loves healthy food and will (on most days) pick fruit over junk
- Loves Chloe and does everything she does
- Is sometimes a bully and hits, pinches and pushes
- Loves to say prayers and look at pictures of Jesus
- Is extremely polite and always says "Excuse me" at the right times and "Thank you" and "You're welcome!" (She sometimes get those mixed up.) She says please about 75% of the time.
- Loves the color purple and although she is getting better at naming her colors, she used to always say everything was purple
- Nicknames include
*Preslie Pie
*Monster Girl
*Monkey Baby
*Pressie (This is really what Chloe calls her when she's trying to say Preslie but just can't say it all the way)

Today I asked Cody to bring me a hairbrush and while I was waiting I went into my room to say my morning prayers. He sent Preslie in with it. She came in and saw me praying and came over to the bed, stroked my back and whispered, "Here you go." And walked out. She's so, so sweet.

She also loves opening and closing doors and could do that all day. She loves saying goodbye whenever she shuts the door and hello when she opens it, and now will say, "Bye-bye! -blow a kiss - I love you!" Every time she shuts the door. It's so adorable! The other day whenever she would shut the door Chloe would get upset and say, "But you didn't give me a hug and a kiss!" and Preslie would say, "Oh!" and come back and they'd hug and kiss and then they'd go through it again. When she would try to leave again Chloe would say, "Preslie! Say, 'Goodbye, friends!'" hahaha funny girls!

Preslie now weighs 22 lbs (10-25%) and is 32 inches tall (10-25%). (Chloe weighs 29 lbs (50%) and is 36 3/4 inches tall (50%).)

We absolutely adore Preslie and are so happy we've had two fantastic years with her! We can't wait for many, many more!!! Happy Birthday, Preslie!

(We'll have a photo shoot tomorrow and I'll add pictures then)


Ash Kelley said...

Shes amazing! And knows so much for being 2!!! Youve done a great job!!

Beema said...

Love hearing these stories of little Preslie! What a sweetheart she is! Happy Birthday little punkin!

The Story of us said...

She is the cutest! Especially her roaring:-)

Doug and Alyssa said...

Such a cutie!!! I especially love the story of you saying your prayers.

Amy said...

Oh man - I am sooooo in love with her!!! She also always says, "Be right back" when she gets off my lap to go get something. SOOOOO sweet. My insides are physically hurting I want to see you guys so bad!!!


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