Saturday, December 17, 2011

San Francisco

Last weekend Cody was working in San Francisco. I've never been there before, so he asked me if I wanted to tag along. Tami said she'd watch the girls (aaallllllllllll weekend + Friday and Monday for traveling days) and two of my friends here said they'd watch them on Monday after Tami had to work. (Thank you Amber and Trena!!!)

My weekend was FAN.TAS.TIC. Seriously. I don't remember having that much fun in a long time.

Cody was working all day Saturday and Sunday, so I got to sleep in, watch whatever I wanted on tv (which is a huge deal because usually I have to watch either Sesame Street or Walking Dead...terrible zombie show that Cody loves. Anyway.), and go shopping for hours at a time without having to stop to take naps, tell anyone to stay close to me, or reprimand little people for screaming.

Friday night we went all through China town and walked through all the little stores. It was way fun, but pretty much all those stores are exactly the same, so we went back to the hotel after a bit. Cody is a "diamond member" (super fancy schmancy) :) so we got to go to the "Executive Club" and they have drinks and breakfast and food there occasionally during happy hour. It was great for breakfast so I didn't have to go find anywhere and could just go there whenever I wanted.

Saturday morning I slept in...till 6. Luckily I fell asleep again until 8:30 when I freaked out because I thought breakfast would be gone. :) It wasn't. After breakfast I hung out and watched a movie and by 11 I was on the streets ready for shopping!

I almost got some of this hot chocolate, but when I went to buy it they had run out of the homemade whip cream...So sad. 

I wanted to buy those flowers (with the purple one in the middle) so so so bad. But I didn't need them and I had no where to put them in the hotel, so I just stood there and looked at them and smelled them for 10 minutes straight.

Next to this shop was this fabulous little shop that was serving samples of cheese with honey and white truffles drizzled on top of it. It was one of the best things I've EVER tasted. The guy realized I was hooked and started telling me all the things I could put it on, and I was definitely drooling all over myself. Then I was devistated when he told me I could have my very own 1 oz. container for only $18! ...I left very, very sad. Maybe someday I won't be so cheap! 

The beautiful Bay Bridge!!

I'll be back for San Fran part 2 when blogger starts working again :)

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Beema said...

So fun for you - and so nice of Tami to watch the girls. Maybe that was your special Christmas present to get to shop without kids, watch TV without interruption, sleep with no crying babies or someone wanting more dolls in bed with her, and eating delicious food! Merry Christmas to you!!! :)


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