Thursday, January 5, 2012


I love resolutions.
 I love goals. 
I love coming up with things that will make me better.

Having a new year means all of the things I love. 
I don't know why I feel like I can't make new goals during the year, but it's definitely not the same in July as it is in January. 

Last week I read a quote by Mark Twain, "Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time."
Some of the things on my Project 52 list are very difficult for me. Things I don't necessarily want to do. Things I'm not used to doing. That's why I'm not jumping out the window. Just walking down the stairs. 

Today I was on the treadmill. Yes, that's on my list. When I'm on the treadmill I like to read the Ensign. It makes it go a lot faster for me. Which is fantastic because I'm not a huge fan of being on the treadmill. (Remember, I'm not jumping out the window.)

I read an article by Elder Christofferson called, "Recognizing God's Hand in Our Daily Blessings." I loved it all, but because I'm on such a resolutions kick right now, my favorite part was,
"To deal with something big, we may need to work at it in small, daily bites. Sometimes all we can handle is one day - or even just parts of one day - at a time...The Spirit can guide us when to look ahead and when we should deal just with this one day, with this one moment."  

I love thinking about resolutions in a daily sense more than an all year thing. It can be really hard to think, I am going to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill 3 times a week this year. 234 hours on a treadmill. 

I will just get on it today. 

"You can achieve what you believe you can. Trust and believe and have faith."
-Thomas S. Monson


barlow.stephanie said...

I read that article recently too. It was a good one to kick off the new year. "One day at time or moment at a time" is a constant reminder I need. Thanks for the Mark Twain quote. Good luck with your goals girl :)

Christine said...

I totally agree! I've been taking life one day at a time since Pepper was born, it's the only way to get through the lack of sleep and crankiness (me and everyone else!) I have a feeling this whole year is going to be a one day at a time kind of year for me!
And I agree about the treadmill, not fun, but worth it in the end!!

The Story of us said...

That's a good reminder. Otherwise I get overwhelmed too. I don't know how you can read on the are talented:-)

T-Ray said...

I love this.... because I agree. January is the start of a new year. You can start fresh, you almost feel like a new person. I am a big goal setter. Love the post.

Karen Peterson said...

I love those quotes.

Good words to remember. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture.


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