Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great 2011 Update: August

I had a Bachelorette Finale Party

The Winner...You can see Ben's frame has been laid down to rest. RIP, Ben. May you find love this season, somewhere in all the crazies. 

We all got long-stemmed roses and ring pops, so we could be just like Ashley. And yes, I drove to approximately 12 different stores and gas stations to find those dang ring pops. I'm pretty sure I did a fantastic little dance when I finally found them. I'd love to see that surveillance tape footage.

We re-did the music room
It took a LOT of sanding. 
Which Cody did entirely by himself. 
But he got a new electric sander out of it.

Cody sanded all the bead-board on the bottom so we could repaint it. It was very, very dusty. (His ring isn't supposed to look like that...)

Before: We have the furniture all pushed together so we could paint..I promise it's not like this for real

Cody repainted the ceiling because the room smelled smoky and the ceiling wasn't very white anymore
 (I scored that globe for $7 at Goodwill. It's super old and fabulous)

Noah came for a super surprise visit and we took a trip to Home Depot

We tried to cool down from the over 100 degree temps in our house by going to the mall

No, I don't pay for the "rides." Chloe and Preslie are content to just climb on them and get off, and I'm not going to spend $1.25 to have it spin in a circle. However, that other little girl's mom is, so we took advantage of her kindness.

We did a loootttt of swimming (post here)
Played with Play-Doh

 And sang and danced so I couldn't get a non-blurry picture

We went to Lake Arrowhead

 Preslie got motion sickness on the way there and threw up when we were having our picnic in the bed of Cody's truck, which is why she's only in her diaper. Luckily we brought her swimming suit, so she wore that the rest of the trip
She loved the cheetos after she was done being sick, though!

 Trying to be the complete opposite of the real deal -

Yeah...that should've been it's own post...

We did fun activities for FHE, like "Activity ABC's"
P is for Pushup

 M is for Muscles

We ate sushi, ice cream, and celebrated birthdays

We repainted the office

I haven't decorated this room at all, but eventually it'll be my craft room/guest room.

We sang songs and played the piano

August was obviously busy and obviously fantastic. Next up, September!


Beema said...

Those pictures are so fun to look at - and the concert at the end - AWESOME! Fantastic! Just makes me miss these girls and your family all the more! I love you all! and hope to see you sooner than later! Maybe March or April?

Beema said...

The paint and beadboard jobs look wonderful! You two have done a lot of work! Very nice!


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