Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"California......Here we Coooooooooome"

I know we already lived in California, so we're not really coming here....but my parents were. So it fits. 

In early June my parents flew out to Orange County to start going through my dad's dad's (my grandpa) old house. My dad was actually raised in this house and my grandparents lived in it until 2008 when my grandpa passed away and my grandma went to live in a nursing home.

*FYI-Cody was working in San Diego and was transferred to the "Bakersfield Area." Meaning, live where you want, but mostly you'll be working around Bakersfield so you probably want to live around there. We went to Santa Clarita in May (I think) and loved it, but didn't want to still live in an apartment. So we decided instead to live in my grandparents house because no one was living in it, and it was a lot larger than an apartment! It is farther out of the way for him to work, which means he doesn't get to be with us very often, but we get a bigger place and are saving some money to someday own our own home.*

Because the house had been vacant for so long (2 1/2 years), it needed some work. Ok, quite a bit of work. I'm still trying to convince all the bugs that we are, in fact, living here and are not leaving, so they need to get out of my house! We worked pretty much everyday for 9ish hours. Cleaning, de-junkifying, and getting the house ready to live in. We didn't actually take pictures of the house while we were working on it, but we did take pictures of the (short amount of) times we were able to get away. We said that we'd take a day off for going to the beach and maybe Disneyland, but there just wasn't any time. Fixing up a house in one week is a big job!!!

Chloe loved seeing the Bubba Gump Shrimp, but wouldn't take her eyes off him to take a picture. I don't think she trusted him! She only turned away when her Beema came over to help her out.

Chloe's first piece of gum that she didn't swallow! She finally figured it out and has LOVED gum ever since. She asks for it all the time!

She loves Mickey Mouse!

And Princesses...

Surprise, surprise :)

Yes, I'm in my pajamas. Also, yes, I'm holding a monkey's bum open. I was just a little shocked that that is where the zipper was. ...I don't really know why, I just was. 

Chloe's frothy milk mustache! 

She also loved hanging out with Papa
(I just realized all of these pictures are of Chloe and not Preslie. She was there, too. She was just sleeping pretty much everytime we went to do something, so my dad would stay in the hotel with her)

These are all taken by Chloe:

 Not taken by Chloe:
I thought she'd hate this frog hat, but she loved it!

Even though it was a LOT of work, we had fun! Not wishing to do it all again...but maybe just all the fun parts :)

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Beema said...

What a fun time we had! I can't wait to see you all again - but in the meantime, it's fun seeing all these pictures!


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