Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OC Fair

The Orange County Fair is going on right now! The first day it was open we were looking at the OC Fair website and it said that day, from 12-1 pm you could get in for free with free parking! We were so excited and were super excited to go.

Growing up in Nowhere, Illinois, I know nothing about traffic.

Now I do.

Apparently all of Orange County also saw the website and was trying to get free admission and parking. At 12:55 I told Cody, "I wish they had just had free admission from 12-2 so we could still get in for free!"

At 1:55 when we had gone about 100 yards, I realized that wouldn't really matter.....

ALL of the parking lots were full (which they didn't tell us...They kept saying -Parking, this way!! - but the illusive empty parking lot was never found.) and when we realized we could park in a "nearby" neighborhood and walk there, beating down crowds with our giant double stroller that doesn't believe in turning, we decided to call it a day.

Oh yeah, this was also on our 5 year anniversary, so it was supposed to be awesome. (We went to Laguna Beach instead, and then went to Olive Garden for dinner...which Cody didn't really eat and then we went home and he threw up a lot. I promise our anniversary was cool -just not really how we all envisioned)
Anyway. We DID end up going to the fair, just not on opening day. We had a great time, and so did the girls!

Preslie absolutely loved the goats. We spent more time looking at them than any other animal. We had to keep telling her to be really careful because they bite! Luckily no one was injured.

Preslie is "baa-ing" like a goat and Chloe is neighing like a horse. I think she forgot what animal we were looking at :)

Crazy insane llama

We tried to get Chloe to do this with Preslie, but she didn't want to. So here I'm holding Preslie up and being a bull at the same time, which is why my head is crooked.

Eating funnel cake! Yum!! (Sorry those are sideways)

Cody found this after I bought my funnel cake, but he was nice enough to share!!! Two flat waffle cone, dipped in chocolate with twist ice cream sandwiched in between! YUM!

We had a great time!


Doug and Alyssa said...

Yay! I love the fair so much! Cody's ice cream treat looks AWESOME!

Patti said...

You should have brought your girls to my house back in the day when we had a goat. But, that wouldn't have worked out so well. Timing is everything.


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