Monday, July 25, 2011

Utah Part 2

Later that night, we went to Orem for my Grandma's big birthday party. I wish we had taken pictures of all the food and decorations because everything looked amazing! I was so impressed with everything. All the grandkids and great grandkids put on a little show and there was a little carnival area for kids to play some games.

Chloe liked playing the games, until we found one game with a not-so-nice girl in charge of it. I'm pretty sure she was about 14 and on a definite power trip. She was not being nice to Chloe or Preslie, so we stopped playing. All the other ones were fun, though! And had nice kids running them.

I was so happy that Alyssa came! I was SO hoping that little Warren would want to be born that weekend so we could be there and meet him, but he took his sweet time and didn't come until we were long gone! I guess we'll just have to go back and hang out with them again!!! 
There was a photo area set up, so we took some pictures infront of it. Cody and the girls and I took some with the little props that were there, but not with our camera and I don't know where those pictures are. Someday I'll post them if I can find them!

Chloe LOVED all the yummy food! And I really mean, YUMMY!

I was so happy Amy Jo and her family came, too!!! I miss hanging out with her so much!

Our kids all together! We tried for a long time to get a good picture with all of them looking at the camera at the same time, but it never worked. Then Gage decided he wanted to be the main part of the picture, so he walked right up to Cody and smiled :)
(I made Chloe and Preslie's shirts. It only took like 10 hours of straight sewing...and the fabric I got is not stretchable at ALL so the girls wore those shirts that night and Chloe wore it once more after that and they are now too small. :( Oh well, at least they went with the "Red, White and Blue" theme that night!!)

Such a cute boy!!!!!

We had a great time at the party and it really was amazing! All the people planning and working on it for SO long did a fabulous job!!! Happy Birthday, G!


Patti said...

Gage is definitely a Brady! I still haven't even posted about Grandma's birthday party, but plan to do it soon. I think I needed some away time from it because it enveloped my life for three solid months! I thought it was great, but I'm glad it's over :)

Ash Kelley said...

You made the girls shirts??!! They're so pretty! I was going to ask where you bought them and then read you made them! You are so talented and you did a great job they are gorgeous little shirts for such gorgeous little girls!

Barnes Family said...

LOVE IT! Those are some dang cute kids!!! I love that we got to hang out, even if it was only for a minute. Your girls are so cute and tiny!


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