Thursday, July 21, 2011

Utah Part 1

This year, on June 3, my grandma turned 80! My mom and aunts got together and threw her a great big party. When I was a senior in high school I moved to Utah and moved in with my grandparents. (I'm pretty sure everyone already knew that, right?) (PS don't let me forget to post the story about me telling someone -the father of a boy I was "dating"- why I moved to Utah and how he didn't believe me and hated me and yelled at me. And his wife. It was great.) Anyway. I really felt like we owed it to my grandma to go to her party since she put up with me for a year of my life. So we did!

We made the drive Friday morning. June 3rd is also my little brother's birthday, and he was having a party that night so we wanted to make it for that. We left San Diego around 6:45 and got to the party around 7. It was great! I don't have any pictures of that, but it involved me changing in the bushes, lots of fabulous food and fun people. It was a great party!

The next day my nephew was celebrating his 5th birthday. (His birthday is actually in December, but his parents decided December is too busy and cold, so they celebrate 6 months early when it can be fun outside!!) We had so much fun. April went all out on a superhero party and everything was awesome! They had a bounce house and we had a great time talking to everyone. All my cousins (with the except of 2 or 3) were there for my grandma's party and a lot of them made it to Aidan's party, too! It was fun being with everyone.

Chloe loved playing with all of Aidan's tools!

She also LOVED that Amy would give her free reign of her camera! She actually is a pretty good photographer for a 2 year old! I'll have to post some of her pictures sometime. 

On the bounce house with Uncle Seth 

Preslie was a little nervous about going down the slide!!!

Sisters! -Minus Brooke who was so sick in the hospital!! (Or maybe home by now?)


erin said...

you were in utah and didn't tell me? you better have been far otherwise i'll be mad.

derek and michelle said...

How fun! Always a good time with fam. Love your shirt!

Ainsley said...
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Ainsley said...

chloe in that romper just kills me, such a doll. i'm so jealous of your two little girls so close in age. oh, and i made sloppy joes on monday and thought of you.

on blogger 'pages' you can't link to outside sites. i downloaded a template from & with their linkbar you can do either. i just uploaded it onto blogger and then i just edited the html to make it look the way i wanted.... took me a few days, but i'm slow at that kind of stuff. hope that helps, let me know if you have anymore questions.

Beema said...

Such fun pictures! I love it when you blog! I can't wait to see Utah Part 2! We missed you and family last week! :(


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