Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chloe's Adventures

One normal (or so I thought) nap time (awhile ago), the girls had been sleeping (or so I thought) for a very long time. So I decided to go in and wake them up. I opened the door to see Chloe, covered head to toe, in mod podge. 

I promise I'm not a bad mom. Yes, I left a bottle of mod podge in their room, but all my craft stuff is in their closet, so it wasn't like I did it on purpose to tempt Chloe with it..Like the little bottle was saying, "Come on, Chloe. I'm just like lotion. I'm amazing. Just try me. Please."

Plus the bottle had NEVER been opened. It was totally shut and sealed. 

Never underestimate the dedication of a 2 year old.

My entire, brand new bottle of mod podge was gone. Dumped on the carpet. And the other 1% of the bottle was lathered all over Chloe. She had no pants on, so it was rubbed all over her legs, arms, and face. I didn't see it on her face at first, though, because it had already dried... Oh yeah, and she covered her closet mirror with it. 

Luckily our carpet is the same color as the mod podge so you can't see it, but you can definitely feel it! That carpet is CRUSTY crusty now. Yuck. I have tried everything and it won't ever go back to being soft. Luckily we're moving out on Monday and we won't have our walk through with bare feet, so hopefully no one will notice and I'm sure it'll come out when the managers get the carpets cleaned. 

Yeah, you should probably click on that to get the full effect. 

Luckily mod podge comes right off in water. Under the fingernails takes a little bit of work, but it comes off. Don't worry.

The next day, during naptime, I thought the girls were sleeping again. Then I heard Chloe scream suddenly and went in her room. She was still screaming, and I thought she said she had hurt her toe and was pointing towards the wall. I thought she meant she had stubbed her toe (she had just learned how to climb out of her bed) somehow and was talking to her about it. Then she said, no, and pointed to the outlet. She was saying she burnt her clothes. She showed me her little fingers and they were black. I looked at the outlet cover and it was black. There was one tiny hole of the outlet open and she said she had stuck something in it. She found it on the floor and showed it to me. It was a sewing pin. (Again, I promise I'm not terrible. My craft stuff is in their room!) It was black and half of it was gone. She had stuck it in the outlet and it had sparked!! We had a LONG talk about that one. She totally could've electrocuted herself or started a fire or lots of terrible things. 

But I should go...It's naptime and Chloe's crying...I wonder what happened this time. 


Patti said...

Can you hear me laughing clear from Utah? That mod podge story is the best ever. Not so much on the electrical story, just because it could have really been bad news, but yeah, maybe you should reconsider where your craft supplies are stored when you move to the next place.

Diary Of A Phat Mom said...

i thought my kids were mischevioius but you take the cake chloe! we love you

Beema said...

Just what I was thinking, Patti - we need to rethink the storage of crafty things...but that has already been taken care of in the new house!! Chloe is so cute in that picture and notice she's not crying but happy!! :) What a great mom you are Stacey!!

Nielsen Family said...

She just wanted to be perfectly preserved in all her cuteness :)

Win, Lose, or Blog said...

Hello. I emailed you about participation in Win Lose or Blog season 5 but havent heard back from you...please let me know if you are interested in participating ASAP. Thanks lindseylu8 @ gmail . com

DAY said...

Wow that is a whopper! I could see something like that on America's funniest videos-and winning! Glad everyone is ok and hopefully that will be a story to stick around for a long time! In those moments take a breath, say a prayer, and just get through the day ;)


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