Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where We've Been

These past few months have been busy. And by busy, I mean seriously insanely busy. In June my parents came out to California to help us clean out my grandparents old house - the one we are now living in. No one has lived here for 2 1/2 years, so it was pretty bad. Full of stuff and just plain filthy. For 7 days we cleaned for about 9 hours a day. We were planning on going to the beach and Downtown Disney with them.....yeah, those things didn't happen. We were too exhausted from cleaning. Then my parents left and we went back to San Diego. I continued cleaning our apartment to get ready to move. I'm sure you all know how that goes. We had movers so we luckily didn't have to pack anything, but I still had to organize and go through everything and pack the things I didn't want the movers to pack. I also spoke in Sacrament, sang in Sacrament (different Sunday's), planned a few RS activities, and made posters and fliers for them. Oh, and attended. Cody was gone for 2 weeks, so that was fun too. Then we moved. The packers came, packed us, we cleaned and had our walk through all in the same day. It was a pretty long day. Luckily we have the best ward EVER and had volunteers take the girls all day and come help us clean. They were amazing and I still need to send thank you cards.

Then we moved here. We stayed in a hotel the first night, and moved in the next morning. We unpacked quickly - before the week had ended (so 4 days), which was nice...but we still haven't hung up pictures or anything because we're painting everything. We have now painted the entryway and the hallway (I'm supposed to be doing the trim in the hallway right now) and only have the bathrooms, our room, the girls room, the office, the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen left! Oh, and the den. I forgot. Woohoo! :)

So. I'm tired. We can really only paint after the girls go to bed because they'll get in it and we don't want to have to redo anything. They have been going to sleep later because it stays light so long and they can't figure out yet that just because it's light outside it's still night time!

Also in July we celebrated 4th of July with Austin, Sara, and Dirk and Tami. We had a lot of fun swimming and hanging out with them! Then the next day we went to Ramona to visit Seth and Brittany who had come up with their girls. (I tried uploading some pictures Brittany sent me, but they weren't working) It was fun to be with them and Chloe LOVED playing with Madi and Mya. We went to the beach the first day and some really random, weird homeless man started following Preslie and me around telling me that "her feet were made to walk on sand...she's going to be one of those people in New York that is a bridge to the world (?? I said 'thank you' to him when he said that, thinking it's good for people to be a bridge to the world...he was like-NO it's NOT a good thing. Ok....)...she's got the JUICE" ....Yeah it was interesting. When I told him I had to get back he said, "We all do. We all have to get back. JESUS CHRIST." (I am pretty sure he meant we all have to return to Christ someday..not just saying His name....)

That night Preslie got sick and was throwing up all night and the next day. We thought it was from the heat but that Friday Chloe and I were also sick and she was throwing up too. Luckily I missed that part. It was pretty awful. Cody somehow missed it for a week, but was throwing up yesterday and is sick today. What a bummer. Today was his first day of work here, so he had to call in sick on his very first day! Good thing they're understanding.

Sorry this is sideways...This was 2 days before  our wedding at the LA Temple where I took out my endowment

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. I know that absolutely deserves its own blog post...but lets be real here. I'm almost falling asleep right now. I don't know when I will blog again!

However. These last 5 years have been totally amazing. Not everyday, not every minute, but in general, totally amazing.

I can't say enough how big of a blessing Cody is in my life. And the lives of my girls. And I'm so glad that we get to be together forever! (Yesterday we celebrated by trying to go to the OCFair...We tried to get to the fair between 12-1 to get in free (and free parking), but instead sat in traffic for 2 hours with the rest of orange county trying to go to the fair. When we finally found a parking spot (on the street because all the other 4 fair parking lots were full), we decided it wasn't worth it with the huge, basically unpushable stroller we have because it'd be so packed. So we left. We then went to Laguna


Beth said...

Congratulations on the 5 years! We're coming up on 1 ourselves :) I hope you get a few minutes to rest and relax however you want Stacey!!

Diary Of A Phat Mom said...

happy 5th anniversary you guys! time flies :) glad you are well

jonandalicia said...

Happy Anniversary! Make sure you guys take a little time to celebrate. I wish that I could come and babysit for you!!! Miss you guys!


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