Sunday, May 29, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Last Saturday, our family and my friend, Tiffany and her adorable baby Grant went to the San Diego Zoo! I kept telling Cody we had to go before we moved because it's only the best zoo in the world! :) Tiffany's family has season passes, and guest passes! So Cody and I both got in free, and the girls were already free! Woohoo! An entire day at the zoo was totally worth the $4.00 we spent on a pretzel for the girls :) Tiffany's husband, Cameron, couldn't come because he was working at the temple that morning, but it was so fun to hang out with her and Grant! They've gone there a lot so she was telling us the ins and outs of everything and what's cool to see and what's not. It was great!
(I know this picture is blurry but it's the closest we had to him looking at us) The Koala's were SO cute. They're only awake for about an hour each day, but there were probably 6 koalas and only 1 was sleeping! We were so lucky to see so many awake and active. This one kept looking at us...maybe because I was yelling and hitting the railing...

The meerkats would just stand and stare at you. They were so cool!!! Preslie kept saying "Hi!" over and over to them.

We love the giraffes! See the baby in the back? So, so sweet.

See the dog on the left side? When they bring in a baby wild cat (like a cheeta or a jaguar) they always put them with a domesticated puppy so they can grow up together. They become BFF's and whenever the cat has a show to do, the dog does it too and the dog sets the tone for the cat. So if the dog is totally relaxed and chill, so is the cat! Cool, huh?

This bird was so funny! He had the funniest walk!

SO, so pretty!!!

Preslie missed the awesome view

I think there's only like 2 zoos that have pandas so it is really special to be able to see them! We had to wait in line and everything! They have them in their own special area that you can't just walk by and see. It was so cool! We had such a great day there! I hope we can go back someday!


Nielsen Family said...

So awesome. Eric and I plan on going someday. i love the picture of the girls with the sea lion on the iceburgs- I hope the zoo didn't mind you throwing them in there with them ;)

the milners said...

You're totally making me want to go! How fun! And so beautiful!

Beema said...

I love seeing all these pictures of the Walk family walking thru the Zoo! And an awesome zoo at that! Such a wonderful and cute family! I love you all!

Amy said...

I love Chloe in her sunglasses and the one of them popping through and looking like they're in the water. They are sooooo cute!!!


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