Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Rough Week

This past week has been rough. Two Saturdays ago (1/22) Chloe woke up and was coughing. A lot. That night Cody, his parents and I all went to the Monster Jam and left the girls with a babysitter. (More on that later)

Chloe's sickness got worse and worse. (This is her the day before we took her to the dr.)Then on Monday, (1/24) Preslie got it, too. Tuesday night, after Chloe's fever would not go away all day long, we took her to the after-hours pediatrician. I'm so glad we did! -Chloe and Daddy in the dr's office - She had a double ear infection, a sinus infection, and a tight chest and was wheezing really bad so she also needed breathing treatments. We had to do one breathing treatment in the dr's office which was a lot worse than the ones we have to do at home. The nurse said it would make her cough more, make her shaky and nauseous and she'd basically hate it. Great. And it took 15 minutes. Talk about an eternity for a 2 year old! When Cody was holding her mask on, she was screaming. And crying. And she even said, "Bad Daddy!" Cody is still traumatized by that. It was so sad.

On Saturday night, I took Preslie into the urgent care. She was pulling on her ears and had a lot of the same symptoms that Chloe had had. I thought she maybe had ear infections and a sinus infection just like Chloe. After waiting forEVER (2 1/2 hours. From 5 pm until 7:30. People maybe wondered why Preslie was screaming so much...maybe because we hadn't had dinner yet and she goes to bed at 7:30! Come on, people!), the Dr. told us she had a cold. And pink eye. Fabulous.

Sunday was our day of rest. How fitting. Cody went to Sacrament because I had gone last week - we haven't taken the girls the past 2 weeks.

To top it all off, today, right before I was taking the girls to the park to play, Chloe started screaming like crazy. She was laying on her little Barbie Beach folding chair so I knew she had gotten her fingers caught. I never thought it'd be so bad as it was! I ran over and helped her off the chair (She had her entire weight on top of it) and pulled her hand out. It was completely closed on top of it and had smashed and slit her finger open. The fingernail was hanging on by a thread and I thought the entire tip was hanging on by a thread as well. I helped her rush to the kitchen and wrapped a paper towel around it so it was sanitary - or at least more clean than a rag. I grabbed a rag and put ice in it and wrapped it around the paper towel. Then I grabbed my phone and called Cody. I didn't know what to do! My mind was going a million miles a minute. I didn't know where the nearest hospital or emergency room was. Should I call an ambulance because how was I supposed to get Chloe and Preslie out the door, down the stairs, into their seats and hold Chloe's finger together while driving? Luckily Cody said he'd come home and he got here in about ten minutes of it happening.

We went to the nearest dr's office, but it wasn't an urgent care. So they said they couldn't help us and sent us on our way. We went to the urgent care that I took Preslie to. (Which also shares a parking lot with the after-hours pediatrician. I know my way to that place by heart.)

At the urgent care I felt like no one was freaking out as much as me! I wanted people running to help us and letting us in immediately! It took about 15 minutes to get seen. The nurse that helped us was great and brought Chloe some princess stickers which she did not put down! (Showing me her stickers) She LOVED those things and they definitely helped while we were there. She had to get an x-ray which confirmed she broke her finger. (The Dr. actually said she chipped out a piece of the bone. So I guess not exactly the same as breaking it) The Dr pulled the fingernail off and said the only thing they could do was glue it and dress it and put it in a splint. So that's what we did.

--Don't look if you don't want to see blood!!!--

With her splint and all wrapped up

I just asked Chloe what happened to her finger. "Finger in chair. And BROKE OFF! And Chloe crying."

That basically sums it up.

Now Chloe is very happy. She came home and slept for about three hours, then only wanted her mommy for awhile. Now she is cuddling with her Daddy on the couch and they're having a great time. I love men that aren't afraid to cuddle with dolls :)

Lets hope the next month runs smoothly. I don't think I can handle any more of this!


tami said...

a week i hope you never have to repeat !

Beema said...

Poor, poor Chloe. Oh man, I just wanted to drive there and be there and hold her and hold her and hold her. I even woke up in the middle of the night (2:30) and was just sick from thinking of her poor little finger and how much it had to have hurt and all...just makes me sick. I am so glad to see her happy smiling face in these pictures tho. And to see Cindy and Daddy making her feel so much better! I love you sweet Chloe. I hope little Preslie is feeling better too. Give them both kisses from Beema.

Beema said...

PS - I really like Cody's haircut! He looks so nice!

CHMomma said...

oh my goodness stacey! im so sorry you guys have gone through so much. glad chloe is feeling better i hope she and preslie are all better soon. you sure have a great hubby(and they are lucky to have you)

Kim said...

What a tough time for you!!

AmyJo said...

Sooo sad! I hate when stuff happens and they don't understand and they just wonder why you're not making it better, but there's nothing you can do. That's the WORST! I bet you were SO glad that didn't happen while Cody was out of town.

Kellie said...

oh that sounds awful. I'm not looking forward to the emergency visits with some body part broken or bleeding...scary! i'm glad cody was close enough to help you get there! i hope you have a better week!

Karleigh said...

oh my gosh, your poor girls! and poor you! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Nielsen Family said...


Bekah said...

Great, as if it wasn't bad enough seeing their sad faces in these pictures, the first comment is Beema's and now I'm crying.

I hope they get better super quick.

Aubrie Knight said...

Holy cow you did have a rough week!

i hope things get better for you real soon!

Shaylen said...

Oh my goodness! You are a SUPER MOM! :D


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