Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mormon Battalion

Last week was the 164 anniversary of the Mormon Battalion here in San Diego. So Tami came over (Dirk was on a motorcycle trip with a friend) and we packed up the car and headed downtown. It was so fun! First we stopped at the Historic Mormon Battalion site where they do free tours. You watch a movie and then go look at some artifacts. We didn't watch the movie because it was pretty packed and it was a 45 minute movie. I don't think the girls would've appreciated it like we would've. So instead we headed right for the artifacts. We had our picture taken and then went outside to play. They had an area where you could "pan for gold." It was so fun! Chloe loved it. I didn't let Preslie do it because she would've just dove into the water. She loves water!

Chloe didn't really get the whole panning thing, so she just threw the rocks instead. After she was done throwing rocks, she had to wash her hands.

While Chloe was doing that, Preslie enjoyed running around.Isn't the architecture beautiful?
Chloe wanted to play, too.

Preslie did NOT want to hold hands.

After we were done at the site we went to find the park that had all the activities going on to commemorate the battalion. On our way we found this little farmer's market. I LOVE things like this and it was so fun looking around at everything. Chloe loved this stand that had a bunch of little rubber duckies. They all had different outfits on and she just stood there. Forever. Looking at them. It was love at first site. Until we made her leave. There was a different booth that had aprons and they had a little wooden cutout of Dora the Explorer - Chloe's BFF. She hugged it and told her she loved it. It was so cute!

We found the park with the activities. This wasn't an activity. Just someones underwear :)

They had a band
Listening to the band

There was a kids area where there were marble-roller-downers (the official name) that Chloe LOVED

And a lot of walking around
And of course, big rocks to jump off of.
It was the best day ever!


Ash Kelley said...

Your girls are so beautiful!! All those pictures are adorable and I'm so glad everyone is doing better!

Kellie said...

how fun! i'm jealous of the short-sleeves and green grass!

Beema said...

I love seeing all these pictures of the girls and your outings. I can't believe how much longer Chloe's hair is too. I think I may have to stop looking at your blog, as I always just end up crying because I just miss you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I don't know why I'm freaking out about it now so much - but right now, it just makes me cry all the time. Love those baby girls soooooooooo much.

Shelly said...

How fun! I love the long underwear and the marble roller down thingies. Most of all the, weather looks great!

Angie said...

Hey! I'm blog-stalking! You have such a cute family! I've enjoyed scanning through your blog!

Jo said...

So sorry to hear about your terrible Urgent Care visits. Hope Chloe is feeling better! California looks so nice and WARM...I'm a little jealous! :)


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