Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Ever since Cody and I have been married, I've wanted to go to Disneyland with him. When we lived in Huntington Beach and were close enough to go, I was pregnant with Preslie. Then we moved back to California last April, but we couldn't afford it. For Christmas this year, I knew what I wanted. DISNEYLAND! That was actually my request. I asked for Disneyland. The whole entire park.

I was SO excited when I opened my final present this Christmas and inside was a little sign, and a little figuring of a boy and a girl wearing Mickey Mouse ears. The sign said, "DISNEYLAND!!!" With fireworks shooting out in all directions.

I did a happy dance and sang my happy song. I was pretty dang excited. (I also sang and danced said song and dance when I opened my two bottles of Monical's French Dressing. It's

This past Wednesday, I cashed in my present and Cody and I went to Disneyland! It was AMAZING. Seriously. The best trip E.VER.

I told Cody we were going to document everything with pictures. So let me begin.

We said goodbye to our babies and our babysitter. (Thank you SO much, Tami! The girls had a blast with you! Chloe keeps asking when Grandma is coming back to play!)

We stopped to get gas. Cody paid for it.
And pumped it

Told you we took pictures of everything.

Then we went through the car wash at the gas station.

We were finally on the open road. We passed Cody's fantasy dream home -
- Taco Bell Headquarters. You can't really see the sign, but I promise it says Taco Bell.

Passed Angel Stadium

Getting closer!!!

MUR MUR MUR MUR!!!! (Can you hear me singing it? Just try.) WE'RE HERE!

Unfortunately they didn't let you park in there. So we had to go park in the Toy Story parking lot and take a bus to the park. Not very magical, but oh well.

Here's our bus!

MICKEY MOUSE! We FINALLY made it!!!!! (I know I don't look that excited, but I WAS. Promise)

We love Mickey Mouse! (But only inside Disneyland, because while showing love in the park for the mouse is great, outside of Disneyland, just in everyday life, I think it's a little bit weird. And maybe nerdy.)

Mickey! We didn't wait in line to see anyone but we wanted pictures to show Chloe. So here is Mickey with a very cute little girl that we don't know.

The Castle! Here began my all day hunt to see Cinderella. Spoiler Alert : We never found her.

First stop, Adventureland!Our first ride was Indiana Jones. I've never been on it before and it was AWESOME! I loved it. We went on it again later in the day.
See how crowded it was?! Not crowded at ALL! I bet Amy knows right where I'm standing :) I was SO excited to be here, and not have anyone else here, I was doing cartwheels on this bridge. It was fantastic.

How is everything in Disneyland just so pretty? It's amazing.
Headed into Haunted Mansion

Dinosaur fossils at Big Thunder Mountain RailroadRemember how it's amazingly pretty? It is.


Sleeping Beauty! (Not as cool as Cinderella, but still cool)
Best Day Ever. From here I could see Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Ariel, and the wicked queen from Snow White. But no Cinderella.This is the wicked queen. There were people all around all the other princesses, but no one wanted to talk to this lady. She was just walking so I ran up to her. This is how our conversation went.
Me:Can I get a picture with you?
WQ: If you must.
(Picture is being taken) :)
WQ:Just go.

On our way to my favorite ride, Space Mountain, Cody saw the sign for Caption EO. He started freaking out and was like-They still show that?! And told me we had to see it. So we got our 3D glasses and went on in.
Waiting to see Michael Jackson in 3D. I wouldn't mind still waiting - it was interesting! Not my favorite...but interesting! :)
Getting ready for the Buzz Lightyear ride - I totally smoked Cody! It was awesome!I think this should be the first picture. What a perfect day. (Don't worry, I'm so not done yet.)
We headed over to California Adventure. I'd never been there before and I'm so glad we got park hopper passes! We ended up going to both parks twice. It was the best!
Up next for California Screamin'!In Line for the Toy Story Game. Remember how I said there were no people there? It stayed that way all day! We didn't have to wait longer than 10 minutes for any ride and basically just walked onto all of them! It was AWESOME!We LOVED this ride and went on it twice. It was SO fun, but our arms got tired fast!Going to Tower of Terror!
I had been on this ride a couple times in Disneyworld in Florida and Cody hadn't ever been on before so I was excited for him to go! He loved it! We went on it three times! The first time:The third time:We didn't take a picture of our picture the second time (Who buys those things?!?! They're $15 for two 4x6 pictures! That's INSANE. Come on.)

We headed back to Disneyland for some ice cream. Can you guess what we got?Waiting in line...Finally!(We actually stood in line for a long time, then decided we didn't want ice cream yet. So we left and came back later for our sundae.)

I told Cody that while we were in Disneyland I HAD to meet Cinderella and I HAD to meet Mickey Mouse. He wasn't very excited about either of those things. He said he wasn't going to wait in line to meet them. So I kept asking around if anyone knew where Cinderella was, and they told us to go to the Princess Fantasy Faire. Cody was thrilled :)They have this "ride" where you stand in line for like 30 minutes and they have 3 princesses standing behind this big wall that you can't see them, and then you can go through and meet them and take pictures. Since Cody said no standing in line, and Cinderella might not even be there, I just asked if she was there. It was Belle, Ariel and Tiana. I was so sad. I looked around at the extremely marked up merchandise in the princess area (I thought about getting Chloe some of their princess panties as an incentive for potty training. 7 pairs for $26?!?! No thanks.) and then asked a worker to take our picture on the princess bench.Cody didn't want to take a picture. The girl even said to him - Just pretend like you know her for two seconds. :) He was a great sport and took my princess picture with me.
Then it was time to meet Mickey. We saw Minnie, grabbed a picture for Chloe (She loves Minnie Mouse), and went to Mickey's house. Hooray! We finally got to meet him.
I promise I almost pulled it out. (I tried THREE times to take a picture of Cody pulling it out. It didn't work. I was super sad, but by the third time he came over to help me figure out why it wasn't working, some little kids started playing on the stone. I was SO sad.)Someday I want a house like this. With lights up all the time.
My favorite! I love Space Mountain! Honestly, it really scares me - everytime we go around a turn I think I'm going to get my head chopped off by a piece of roller coaster that I can't see cause it's so dark. It hasn't happened yet, though.We said goodbye to Disneyland and headed back to California adventure. We rode our favorites again and then waited for World of Color to start. Disneyland no longer has parades, they now have World of Color. It's AMAZING. And they only do it at California Adventure because they're genius and are making loads of money that way, I'm sure. We didn't get any pictures of World of Color, but it's a water and light show with fountains in the lake that they shine clips of their movies onto. It honestly was amazing. It was the perfect way to end the day. I maybe cried during it. Twice.
Thank you, Cody, for taking me to Disneyland. It was one of the BEST days of my life and I can't wait to go back! :) You're the BEST husband ever!
PS - I was pretty worn out on the way home. And rightfully so - we got in early (! they let us in at 9:45!) and we stayed until after close. What a perfect day.


Doug and Alyssa said...

Wow! That looks sooo fun!! I like that just you and cody went. Of course it would be fun with your kids but you got to do all the things you wanted to! More than once even! I'm so glad you posted all the pictures. You almost made me feel like I was there.

Christine said...

I'm jealous. I've never been there and neither has Steve. I don't know if we'll ever go just the two of us, since it's so far away. Oh well. :)

Kellie said...

fun!! i want to go when there are no lines like that!

Nielsen Family said...

You did such a good chronicaling job; I felt like I was there! So much fun! It's one of my most favoritist places ever. We should get together while you're down in SD still.

Maurice&Tash said...

ok! I love that you literally took a photo of everything! That makes me happy that you were so excited. It looks like the perfect day.

Beema said...

That was awesome! I am so glad to get to "go with you" on your trip to Disneyland! My favorite picture of the trip is the very first one you posted of little Chloe eating her breakfast with her Grandma Walk! I miss that little one! And the next picture fav is of Preslie Pie!

derek and michelle said...

Thats awesome! I so want to go.

jonandalicia said...

Yay, Disneyland is a blast! I havent been since I was in High School. It would be so fun if we all went together sometime!!!

RussellsRoost said...

I am so jealous that you guys got to go!! I have been wanting to go there latley! And now that I know that they are playing Captin EO again I am going to have to go!!! I am glad you took so many pictures! It looked like a perfect day!

Bekah said...

Great Day at the Park!!
Such great pictures. I love it there. Maybe we could all get together this summer and go! Sam and my sister's families have park passes. That would be super great to be altogether there for at least one day!
Thanks for the pictures, satisfied my craving a little.
I'm just like you, asleep in the car before we get home. What is it? A 20 minute drive to Huntington Beach from there? Haha. So great that Cody took a picture of you!
Thanks for sharing.


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