Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Lives Lately

It's been a really long time since I've been on here.

And I'm not really promising anything for the future, but I thought I'd just give an update on our lives.

We are alive and happy and healthy and well!

The last 6+ months of our lives have been a little hectic. Here's a run-down.

June - Cody started his new job with Solar Turbines in San Diego.

July 24 - Cody, Chloe, Preslie and I drove to Salt Lake where the girls and I would stay with my sister, Amy, and Cody would fly to Texas for work. He left on July 26

August 20 - Cody flew into Salt Lake around 10 pm. August 21 - Dan and Brooke (my brother and new sister-in-law) were married. August 22 - Cody flew back to TX around noon. (We had about 36 hours together which was fabulous...but anything involved with a wedding is always super stressful.) Also on August 22 - the girls and I flew to IL with my mom and my dad drove my car to IL so I didn't have to make the 24 hour trip with the girls. Thanks, Dad!!! Cody also spent most of this month in PA for work.

Sept 11 - Cody flew to IL to be with the girls and me and got to stay for 8 days!!! Sept 25 - The girls and I flew to TX (by myself on an airplane with 2 babies for the first time...Went surprisingly well!) and stayed with Cody in his hotel for 9 days. Sept was a good month for our family...But hard because I knew the next time we'd be together was a month and a half away.

Oct - Chloe turned 2! Cody spent most of this month traveling around the west coast. The first week of the month he was in SoCal. The next week he drove to WA and spent the week there. After that week he flew to AZ for a week and then finished the month out in Vegas.

Nov -Cody came to IL on Nov 20 and was able to celebrate my 24th birthday on the 23. He was also there for Thanksgiving! He left after 7 days.

Dec - Cody flew to IL on Dec 18 and was able to be with us as Preslie turned 1! We celebrated Christmas together, went to Chicago with my family, celebrated Dan and Brooke's wedding at their open house and then we drove (yes, DROVE) to San Diego as a family - the 4 of us family - on Dec. 31. While traveling, we were all (except Chloe) VERY sick. The first day about an hour and a half from our destination (Cody's grandparents house in OK), Preslie threw up all over the place. Like a LOT. It was awful and we had to stop in a liquor store to clean her up. One completely drunk, very over-made-up woman came up to me commenting that, "Good for you. I never used to leave my babies in the car when I would come to the liquor store either. If you need some, they need to come in with you."

What a compliment. I felt like such a great mom after that.

We had a great time at his grandparents house but felt terribly because they had lots of family there that had gotten the girls presents and there was lots of food and games for ringing in the New Year...and we were all so sick we just went to bed around 10!

The next day we drove to Santa Rosa, NM. Luckily no throwing up that day...

Until the next morning at the continental breakfast at the hotel. I took the girls in my pajamas (and socks, cause do you really need to wear shoes to eat breakfast?) to get breakfast by myself. After all the people stared at (and judged) us because of our appearance (they were all showered and dressed...It was like 7:30 am. Seriously, my kids need food before I can shower and get ready) we sat down with our plates of food. I gave the girls each one bite of food when Preslie projectile vomited ALL over. Mostly on me, but also the chairs and floor. Oh, and she kept sneezing. So it kept coming out her nose too. It was great. I tried to clean it up as best I could, told the man working that we had made a mess and told Chloe we had to go. I threw her waffle away and now had 2 screaming babies. Chloe couldn't understand why she couldn't finish eating her waffle. We got back to the room, but with no key, and a husband in the shower, I was stuck in the hallway with 2 screaming babies (still.). Luckily, Cody heard my pounding and unlocked the door. I'm sure all the rooms around us heard too.

That night we got to Arizona and stayed with Cody's sister and her family. We decided we didn't want to keep driving the next day, so we stayed an extra day there. On Tuesday morning (remember we left Friday morning) we left and finally made it to Cody's parents house in SoCal around 5 pm. We stayed there overnight and on Wednesday I finally got to see our new apartment!

I love our new place. I love having a home that is mine and Cody's. I love being able to put up our pictures and have our things. When we started getting our furniture out of storage, I was just so excited to see my stuff! I love it!!!

So there you are. The run down of our life the past while. It's been interesting and exciting and I absolutely LOVED living with Cody's parents, and I LOVED living with Amy, and I LOVED living with my parents. It's been SO, so so so so wonderful being with everyone and I cried every time I left each place. But I LOVE living with Cody and I wouldn't change it for the world!

(To everyone that has housed us this last year, THANK YOU. We couldn't have gotten through this year without you all. Amy, Mom and Dad, thanks for keeping me company when I didn't have a husband. I so wish we could all live closer because my girls absolutely adore you all and so do I and I miss you all! --And I super miss you getting the girls in the morning, Mom, so I could sleep in longer!!! :) Thanks! You're the BEST! )


Beema said...

Wow! Quite the life you've had this past year! I'm so happy for you to be together again with all your family! That's important. I'm sad for me to not have you here anymore, sad to not wake up to the sounds of singing little girls, and the occasional "Beema" being hollered thru the walls. I miss my girls. Hard trips, hard times, but great memories! I love you all and am glad for you to have a home again!

CHMomma said...

goodness sakes girlie! you guys have had quite the year. glad everyone is healthy again and that you are home with hubby! nothing better huh? if you get a chance id love to see pics of your place

Doug and Alyssa said...

the throwing up at the hotel breakfast gives me so much anxiety! ugh!

Kellie said...

oh my! reading your travel experiences was too entertaining...I'm so sorry! What an experience! I bet you guys are just so so happy to be all together again, but we miss you here in Illinois. Sniff, sniff.

DAY said...

oh my Stacey-you've been through a lot! i'm glad that your family is together again and that you all made it through the trials. you have such a wonderful family that surrounded you Ü the sickness at the hotel is definitely a story to go down in the books! one of those, is this really happening to me?!? *LOL* but you're a wonderful mom and handled it well. San Deigo sounds wonderful, i hope this is a new beginning to an awesome chapter in your lives!! hugs ♥

derek and michelle said...

Im so glad that your family is together again. It was good to read the update. Take care!

Bekah said...

I don't know why I'm getting all choked up here.
I'm so happy that you are settled. And I'm so happy that you are happy.
I'm so sorry that happened with the breakfast, I don't know what I would've done in that situation. I DO think you are a great mom, I don't think you should ever doubt that.
I love catching up on the World of Walk, but I would've liked to see a picture or two also.
(when you get time, obviously).

jonandalicia said...

Glad you guys got back to Cali in one piece! It is so good that you are loving your new place! Miss you guys!


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