Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Preslie Pie!

Our little Preslie turned 1 yesterday. We spent the day singing "Happy Birthday" to her, playing at the "pea-gond" as Chloe calls the playground, and helping Chloe remember it's Preslie's special day. So as much as hitting is off limits on a normal day, it's ESPECIALLY off limits on her birthday.

It was a little difficult for Chloe to remember the presents were for Preslie and she didn't get to rip them open, but after some explaining, and finally just "asking" Preslie if Chloe could help, they opened them together.

Preslie got a lot of fun toys, books and movies that she (and really mostly Chloe) loves! The only couple of things Preslie really likes is a movie sent by Cody's mom and some blocks that my mom got her. When we turned the movie on she just started screaming she was so happy. And there are so many blocks to play with, Chloe can't steal them all!

Pretty much all the other toys Chloe gets upset with Preslie for playing with and tells her, "Its mines!"

PS Even though this is making Chloe sound super mean, we love her and she's fabulous. As is Preslie Pie.

Some things about Preslie:

She can walk...and run...and has been since she was 9 months old. She has super good balance and can move and maneuver around any obstacle, including an 8 year old dog that never moves.

She screams. A lot! If she's happy, she screams. If she's mad, she screams. If she's hungry, she screams. If she's tired, she screams. We're trying to teach her we don't scream......It hasn't worked yet.

She can basically say anything. At least she can basically repeat anything. Well, she can really say "hi" and "all done." But when you say something, she repeats it. And you can tell she's saying what you just said. But if she was just to say that without you saying it first, you wouldn't know what she was saying. But it's ok cause she's still amazing.

She only has two little teeth on the bottom, just like Chloe did at this age. Most kids have like 10 teeth by now...Our kids lack in the teeth department apparently. Don't worry, they get them eventually.

She is just so so pretty. I know I'm partial, but she is. If I were a judge on a crazy baby pageant, and I saw Preslie in my said pageant, I'd pick her to win. Also, I'd never enter her into a crazy baby pageant...unless there was a really big cash prize. And only if Cody said it was ok. PS so I don't sound like a horrible mother, I"d use the really big cash prize to buy essential items...Like diapers, and whole milk, and maybe bacon. Cause I really love bacon.

We had her year appointment last week and she is 17 lbs and 28 in. She's little for her age, but so was Chloe. Preslie is growing well for how she's been growing her whole life, so all is well. Hopefully we can get her to gain another 3 lbs this week so by the time we move back to San Diego she can have a forward facing car seat...I don't think we'll make it otherwise!

She can sign all done and blow kisses, fold her arms (it's ADORABLE), blow things - like hot food or her birthday candle...which she didn't understand and didn't blow out..but could've if she had gotten the whole "blow-out-the-candle" thing.

She loves the ornaments on the Christmas tree and her favorite is the British soldier.

She loves all things electronic. I told Cody I should frost a giant outlet on her birthday cake because that's what she loves the most right now. I also was planning on frosting a bathtub (like for real. That was the plan until the last second when I just went all generic on it) on the cake because she LOVES the bath. Sometimes she'll just go in the bathroom when the lights and water are all off and try to get in the tub by putting one leg over the side and pulling herself up and over. She does this EVERY time the bath is on.

She is totally fearless. My parents have a new couch that has two chairs on the end with a love seat in the middle connected by two little storage compartments that also have cup holders. One of her favorite things is starting in a chair, climbing onto the storage part, jumping off onto the love seat, and just going back and forth for hours. Literally. If you take her off and put her on the floor, she screams. And cries. A lot.

She is almost always happy and loving and wonderful and we love her SO much! She loves her family and always wants to play with Chloe and be held and loved by her parents and grandparents. She is just so wonderful and we can't imagine life without her! She's the best Christmas present ever!!!!

We LOVE you Preslie Pie!!!!


Doug and Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday Preslie! I would totally vote for her in your crazy baby pageant too. But please don't ever enter your kids into pageants. Haven't you seen "Toddlers and Tiaras?? Don't do it. And don't tell Doug I've watched that show. He gets so mad just at the previews.
I miss all you guys so much, I wish we were closer.
P.S. When I was a baby my nickname was "screacher creature" because I screamed so much.

erin said...

awww she sounds so fun! post pictures!!!

jonandalicia said...

Happy Birthday Preslie!!! Can't wait to see pics of the girls, when you can!
Miss you guys!

derek and michelle said...

Sounds like a sweet little girl. I am still amazed that you have two kids!! Cant wait to see some recent pics of the two. Merry Christmas!

Kellie said...

she's so cute...and tiny! only 17 lbs! sounds like she had a good first birthday!!


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