Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ever since Cody and I have been married, I've wanted to send out a Christmas card. And every year (before we had kids), he'd say, "Lets just wait until we have kids."

I didn't disagree with him, because I can understand his logic. People don't want to see us, they want to see our kids! So why take the time and energy (and money) to send out cards when people already know what we look like!

Then we had kids. Two of them. And still, no Christmas cards were sent out. By the time Christmas was rolling around (with both of them) I was so exhausted with new babies I didn't have time for anything extra.

Well not this year, my friends! NOT THIS YEAR!!!!!

Shutterfly has a fantastic deal going on right now for bloggers. They're giving out 50 free Christmas cards in exchange for a blog post about the offer! An AMAZING deal, right? Especially because I don't think I have 50 people I know that want Christmas cards from me! :)

Check out some of their fabulous cards:

How adorable is that baby?! And the card?? I am in LOVE with all things wrapping paper, and that little baby all wrapped up is to die for.

My mother-in-law just (like seriously JUST) made a calendar on Shutterfly that she was showing me. It's fabulous and she said it was so easy to do! I don't know of ANY grandparents that wouldn't love opening one of these Christmas morning!

I LOVE that you can put pictures on the actual dates of a person's birthday or anniversary. It makes it so personal and fun!

Hosting a holiday party? Shutterfly has the cutest and classiest holiday invitations. Check out this snowflake one!

And I'm totally loving this snowman;

Adorable, right? So perfect for your family Christmas party!

So if you haven't yet (seriously, get over there!!!), go check out Shutterfly and ALL their fabulous options! You definitely won't be sorry!!!

And if you want a Christmas card from me this year, email me your address at staceywalk @ gmail . com and soon you'll be seeing all our pretty little faces on one of these pretty little cards :)

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