Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Chloe

Two years ago today, at 2:32 pm, Chloe Catheryn Walk was born! It was one of the best days of my life and I'll never forget it.

At 2, Chloe:
can say anything by repeating. We read the scriptures with her every night and she's getting pretty good at even the hard words like Jerusalem!

can count to 14 without help.

Loves her family! She loves them each individually and differently.

Loves to play with Preslie and is getting into the terrific stage of hitting, pushing, and kicking.

When she is scared by things, she just says, "Funny guy!" (It's not a scary guy, it's a funny guy!) It helps her not be scared anymore.

Loves the moon. She looks at it every night and tries to find it during the day. If she sees it she gets so excited and says, "Moon! I found it!"

If she is excited for something, she'll say, "I so exciting!" and just laugh randomly. It's so cute because you can tell she's thinking about whatever it is and really is excited for it!

Is all girl and loves all things jewelry and high heels

LOVES to dance

Sings at the top of her lungs most of the day

Loves to play piano while she's singing but every time she starts to play, she plays one note and then says, "No!" Because most of the time when she wants to play is when Preslie is sleeping...and then she's not allowed to play

Can do lots of signs, including:

I love you


















All Done

She loves animals and loves to sit on Tucker

When anyone does anything funny, she always says, "Silly ___ (name of person)." --Including, Silly Chloe!

She knows all the members of her family - including Cody and my siblings and spouses (Except she always gets Seth and Noah confused with Dan! And she has a hard time remember Catheryn and Steve, I think because she's never met them)

Loves to help - In fact, for Christmas this year I bought her a "Junior Cleaning Kit." I think she's going to love it!!!

Thinks every color is yellow!

Knows some of her shapes - circle, square and triangle

Loves doing things for Preslie. Every time we turn on a show Chloe likes she automatically says, "Preslie likes it!!!" They have little beach chairs that are just their size to sit in, and anytime I get one out for Chloe, which is usually when Preslie is sleeping, she says - Preslie sit down too?? She always wants Preslie right by her doing what she's doing!

She loves to say, "I'm so happy!"

She shares everything! Even if she's been asking for a treat forever, when she finally gets it, she'll give you a bite before she has one!

We LOVE our Chloe girl and just can't imagine our life without her!!!!


cody said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!! I love you soo much!

Nielsen Family said...

She is so cute! (As is Preslie) I hope my Alice is as smart when she turns two. Happy Birthday Chloe :)

Diary Of A Phat Mom said...

happy 2nd birthday chloe! i hope i get to see you sometime soon.

jonandalicia said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!!! I can'y believe it has been 2 years since we met you in the hospital and got to hold you! Can't wait to hear about your birthday party!!!

Shaylen said...

OH Stacey Chloe is adorable! :D She sounds like she is such a happy little girl and a great big sister! Preslie is getting so big! Your family is so cute!! :D :D

Gena said...

Happy Birthday little Chloe girl!! She is getting so big and sounds like such a sweetheart! Her pictures are all so sweet with her adorable smile.

Bekah said...

These pictures are darling. Her smile just melts my heart. So Precious. 2 Already wow!
Thanks for sharing, I hope to see pictures of the Bug Party too.

derek and michelle said...

She is so adorable! I cant believe she is two and I still cant believe you have two kids. I hope everything is going well with cody's job!

Amy said...

I miss her sooooo much!!!! She's so great! I love you Chloe! I wish we could play ha-shu and dance and put on makeup together!! :)

Amy said...

I miss her sooooo much!!!! She's so great! I love you Chloe! I wish we could play ha-shu and dance and put on makeup together!! :)

erin said...

oh she's cute. very cute. and sounds cute.

Anonymous said...

Okay so amazingly enough I stumbled onto your blog!! I miss your cute little family! How are things going! I can't believe how fast they grow up!

Shaylen said...

She is so adorable! :D It sounds like she is a very happy little girl!


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