Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just a Quickie

We are alive and well.

The girls and I are in Illinois living with my parents. Cody is in Scranton, PA (yep, like The Office) for work.

My little brother got married.

Cody came for the wedding!!! Woohoo it was fabulous and wonderful and so fun.

I loved being with my family in UT. It was amazing getting to spend time with family and friends and letting my girls get to know all their aunts, uncles and cousins on my side. Now when I show them pictures of everyone, Chloe can say everyone's name - including Cody's side.

We've been staying busy here...mostly shopping. Don't tell Cody. :) JK, he already knows. My mom is going crazy because we've completely demolished her house, but it's hard to unpack when you're alone with two sick babies all day long.

The girls have been sick for awhile. Really I was sick as soon as we got here with a cold. I thought it was allergies but it's gone now. Last Friday, Chloe got a really runny nose and yesterday Preslie joined in on the fun. Now they're both not sleeping well and crying all day. Chloe didn't get even want to go outside to play today. I had to beg her to stay outside. So not like her!!!!

Hopefully soon she'll be feeling better cause yesterday I missed Relief Society Aerobics and tomorrow is aerobics again AND play group. She'd hate to miss that!!!

That's what we've been doing with our lives the past few weeks. Missing Cody like crazy and making the best of everything! We're happy and (not currently..but in general) healthy and loving life!!! :)


Christine said...

I was just wondering yesterday what you guys were up to! I love your new blog background too. Hope everyone feels better soon!!

Diary Of A Phat Mom said...

hang in there! those girls(and cody) are lucky to have you :)

RussellsRoost said...

Glad you are finding activities to do with the girls out there! I hope everyone feels better soon! Post some pictures of the wedding and stuff! I bet the girls are getting so big! We miss you guys!

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