Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium

Before I begin, I'd just like to say we made it to Utah safely. We left on Wednesday at 10:30 pm and arrived here at 10:30 am PST. It took us exactly 12 hours and honestly, wasn't too bad! I fell asleep like 30 minutes after we had left (surprise surprise) and felt awful about it. I always feel like Cody will be sad if I go to sleep and I'm scared if he gets tired he won't wake me up. He kept telling me he wasn't going to be sad and he drives from UT to CA and back all the time in the middle of the night. (Which is true. He has done it a million times) The girls were great. We put them to sleep before we left and they stayed asleep when we moved them to the car, until about 1:30 am when we had to stop to get gas. Preslie woke up, I fed her and she went back to bed, but Chloe was up until about 4. I tried getting her to go back to sleep by singing to her, but that would just put me to sleep! I finally gave her a granola bar and after about half she started screaming -Binky! Binky! So we gave it to her and she was out.

We got here and Sister Jack brought us the key to Amy's condo (where we are staying for a month) and some food. SO nice. It was just so thoughtful of her and we were so appreciative!!! My Aunt Cheryl came over later and was We were all exhausted and of course Preslie wouldn't go to sleep since she had slept all night and I couldn't handle it anymore! So I called my mom to complain and she called my Aunt Cheryl who immediately went to the store and bought us a ton of food, brought food from her own house, AND got us lunch from Subway. She ALSO brought over a crib and went and picked up a playpen from April and Noah. WOW. I felt so grateful and blessed to not have to worry about all that myself!

***Warning, Warning! Picture Overload!!! ***
I wanted to do something fun on Friday, the last day before Cody left. I wanted to go to Thanksgiving Point to see the animals, but Cody reminded me how it's outside and it was hottttt. So I suggested the aquarium instead.
We told Chloe after her nap we were going to go bye-bye to see the fishies and she would not stop saying fishies! Fishies! Over and over. It was so cute. Finally we were ready and when we got there the parking lot was almost totally full. Then I remembered - It's Pioneer Day Weekend! Everyone has today off! There were a few times it was a little hard to get around with a giant stroller in tow, but for the most part, it wasn't too bad. What Preslie did most of the time. Chloe loved looking in this tank. There were two alligators and fish (the kind in first picture) and a giant sea turtle. She loved the turtle the most. It would swim right by her and she thought it was so funny! The first time it went by she said Whoa!!! And then the second time she said, "I see you!" So cute!Cody and Chloe watching the penguins. It was SO fun and we stayed there the longest, watching them swim around and be funny. We even went back to watch them some more before we left. (Can I say how much I love this picture (above)? She is just so sweet. And seriously. How amazing is my husband??)
Chloe mostly liked watching other people. While all the penguins were going crazy right behind her, she had her back to them and stared down the other people who were actually enjoying them.Too bad there isn't a People Zoo. She would love that!
Anyone else thinking of Finding Nemo?
She loved "driving" the boat and pushing all the buttons!Chloe "being" a froggy.Not too happy she had to get off!She loved all her new friends!
And what's better than a sucker on the way home? (PS this is Chloe's first sucker EVER!)
It was a fabulous day together as a family. I think we ALL loved it! I definitely think we'll be taking the girls back to see the fishies soon!!!


jonandalicia said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love the family picture, very cute! Chloe is so photogenic (sp?) I love it!

doublejtate said...

You have the cutest girls EVER!!!!!!

Grandma Nell said...

Looking at this blog entry again for about the 10th time! Love it! Such cute girls and awesome family!

derek and michelle said...

Thats a great family pic of you guys. and you look great stacey!


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