Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day Fun

On Friday night, July 23 (not technically Pioneer Day), we went to Noah and April's ward Pioneer Day Celebration. Noah said they usually do it Saturday mornings with a big pancake breakfast, but another ward was doing it then. Instead they did it Friday night with a big pancake dinner! It was so yummy and I got to eat lots of bacon! :) Ok, not lots. But some. It was fabulous.

Cody and his girls! (Minus me, of course!)
I promise she wasn't mad
Thanks so much for inviting us, Noah and April! We had so much fun with you!


Diary Of A Phat Mom said...

looks like it was fun!
your girls are so cute

derek and michelle said...

i love that close up pic of chloe. She has such a perfect little face and her hair is getting so long!

Alicia Bell said...

Stacey your girls are gorgeous! Hope all is well with you guys!


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