Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Anniversary Weekend

Cody and I had a great time on our anniversary adventure! It started out a little rough, but after getting over that, it was fabulous.

When we checked into our hotel the nice man at the front told us to get in the elevator and "go down." Go down??? We had booked a room with "1 King bed, balcony and golf course view." (I'm not going to name the hotel, just in case someone is affiliated with them. Don't want to hurt feelings. But I'll never go there again) So when he said go down I was a little confused. I was like-Wait, are we in the basement? He said no, we have a patio and our room is very nice.


We open the door to a room that is, honestly, quite nice. Just not at ALL what we had gotten. 2 queen beds, a patio (not a balcony), and no golf course view. No view, actually. There was a hill outside our we didn't see much of anything.

I am my mother's daughter, so I made Cody call and complain. Apparently he wasn't getting through, so I got on the phone to put in my two cents. They said since we booked through priceline, we were only guarenteed a room, not a room type. Except I had called the hotel and asked our room type, to which they had told us the nicer room. Then the next day, Cody came and said he had a reservation (not telling them the room type) and asked to see the room we were going to get. To which they showed him the nicer room. So I was upset because they obviously bumped us down. The lady told us that if they had any nicer rooms they would switch us, but they're completely sold out. I told her maybe she should better train her employees so they stop showing and telling people the rooms they were going to get, if they were just going to bump them down and not get that room type. And I filled out a comment card. Not very nicely.

When we checked out the same nice man from the first day was there, and looking a little afraid of me. I was glad.


Other than that, we had a blast. :)

Of course we forgot the camera, but Cody said we had his phone, so we didn't need it..And then we forgot to take pictures anyway.

After I got done complaining about our room and how awful the hotel is, we went to dinner at TGI Friday's. We wanted to go somewhere that isn't a chain....but all those places are so much more expensive. It was good, anyway. There was a guy there that just went around to tables and made balloon hats for kids. It was fun to watch him and it was fun to talk about how Chloe would've loved one of those...Not loved the guy, but loved the balloons! But since we had no kids with us, it was nice that he didn't come talk to us.

After dinner we went to see Eclipse! I wasn't really excited...I wanted to see a movie but I never really get into the Twilight movies. I don't care about seeing them at midnight and it's not really that exciting for me. Especially with Eclipse I wasn't expecting much or to be too impressed. We almost changed our minds and went to see Grown Ups, but decided to stick with Eclipse.

I'm SOOOO glad we did! I think because I didn't have high expectations, I loved it. I thought it was totally fabulous and loved every second. Well, not really every second. But most of the seconds :) I totally want to see it again and again. It was awesome.

After the movie we went to Albertsons to get breakfast. Because of course our hotel didn't have it - well, that's not true. You could get a continental breakfast for $14. Not joking. Oh, and we had to pay for parking. Also not joking.

So we picked up some cinnamon rolls (and peanut mnm's) and went back to the hotel. I told Cody I was going to stay up until 3 am....but I fell asleep about 30 minutes later. I'm a party animal.

The next day we went to the San Diego Temple to do sealings. It was really nice to go back to the place that we were married to do sealings for other people. Because we didn't come with a group of people, we had to wait a long time so they could see if anyone else would come to do them. But no one did, so we just did them by ourselves. While we were waiting I got to think about the importance of temple work and how excited the people are that we were about to be sealed for. And how cool it is that their sealing anniversary is so close to mine! :)

Everything just seems ok when you're in the temple.

After we did those, we got lunch and came home. It was such a great little trip and we had so much fun together. It was nice because when we got back I was so excited to be with the girls and play with them! I think everyone needs a little break to appreciate your kids more.

I had a great time and I'm so glad to be married to Cody! He's the best husband and father a girl could've ever asked for!!!


Grandma Nell said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you got to have some alone time together! That helps to add to your memories and also to staying on the same wave length, setting the same goals, etc.! You're both so cute!

THE SHAWS said...

omg my cousin had the same problem with priceline...grrrrr. freaking bait and switchers...what a joke!

RussellsRoost said...

so fun! I was wondering how your trip went. Glad you guys had a great time together.


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