Friday, April 23, 2010

Our "Exciting" Weekend...

I'm talking about this coming weekend. Cody's parents and his little brother, Cory, have gone to Arizona for the weekend...So Cody and I decided to take this time with a house to ourselves to wean both of our girls...One from her pacifer, and one from waking up in the night.

Chloe has LOVED her "binky" since we weaned her from waking up in the night. When she'd cry, we'd just go in and give it to her and she'd quiet down pretty fast. Ever since then, she and that binky have been inseparable! I decided awhile ago that I didn't want her in nursery with one...Nursery is for big kids! Not babies with binkies. But I was too scared to take it away. The girl likes to scream. A lot. And loudly. It's easy to just stick that thing in her mouth in the middle of Sacrament Meeting than it is to hand Preslie to Cody, scoot over a ton of people, and take her out. ....Well, not anymore!

I get e-mails from for both of the girls, and I got one today for Preslie. One part asked when pacifiers should be taken away and it said definitely not later than 1. It can interfere with tooth and speech development. I always knew about the teeth part, but I wasn't too worried because they're just baby teeth and she can always get braces, right? But today, for some reason, it freaked me out a little more. Maybe because I feel like we're behind on a lot of things with Chloe. For example: She still drinks a bottle when she wakes up in the morning and after her nap. She won't drink milk any other way. We've tried it in a sippy cup and she doesn't want it. I want her to get her milk, but I don't know how to do it without a bottle. The nurse at her 18 month appt scolded me a little when she found out about this. Another example: We JUST stopped swaddling her before she went to sleep like last week. Not lying. I read a friends blog once that said her 6 month old had just stopped being swaddled and she figured he was the oldest baby to ever still be swaddled. Not so, my friend. Chloe is just our big-girl-baby! (She totally doesn't care about not being swaddled anymore. She lies down just fine in bed and goes right to sleep. If anyone has ideas about the bottle thing, PLEASE let me know!)

She just went to sleep for the night and after I left the room she cried for about 20 seconds and that was it. I bet she is more ready for all of this than we are.

Preslie on the other hand.

I'm so scared about trying to get her to sleep through the night! With Chloe, we'd give her her binky and she'd fall asleep again. When Preslie isn't helped at night, like right away, she screams. Even WITH her binky! So...I'm a little worried about that. Luckily Cody's family isn't here so I don't have to feel guilty for keeping them awake all night.....Cause I'm pretty sure we will be.

Also, Preslie just turned 4 months on the 21! WOW! I can't believe she's this big already. We took her to the dr the day we moved away from ID, on the 12, and she was 12 lb 1 oz and 22.8 in long. (weight: 24% and height:10%)

She is SO fun and loves to smile and laugh and is such a happy baby...Unless you walk away from her! She hates being alone and if she can't see you, she will let you know! She goo's and coo's a lot and LOVES to eat her hands! She always, always, always has her hands in her mouth.

We love our little girls!


Kayla said...
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tiff snedaker said...
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tiff snedaker said...

Don't stress yourself out too much. I did that with Chandler and made myself feel horrible when he was still on the bottle at 17 months. He weaned shortly after that and it was hard.
As for the paci, Rowan has a love affair with his. He turned 2 in January, and his cute teeth are all pushed forward. I know pediatricians recommend taking the paci away at a year, but our pediatric dentist said it's ok to have them until 3, then you really need to take it away. He said he's seen too many kids who revert to sucking their thumb after the paci gets taken away, and you can't exactly take a thumb away from a child. :)
So I will worry more about taking Rowan's paci away this fall when he gets closer to 3.
Don't forget to give yourself some credit. You are doing so awesome for having two little girls so close in age! Every child is different, and I don't know any successful person who went to college with a pacifier or bottle. :) It will happen!

Jo said...

Our little babies sound so much alike! Adleigh hates being alone...and even though she is an entire month younger, they are almost the same size! I have gigantic children--I wonder why? :) I can't believe Chloe would let you swaddle her that long. That's probably why you kept doing it. Most kids just squirm out of theirs once they get tough enough or start rolling over. And swaddling doesn't hurt anything anyway. As for the bottle...braden was easy...but he wouldn't drink water very much at first. So I would always offer him water from my cup and he loved that. Also, I only ever gave him water for a couple days from his cup. He eventually got thirsty and drank it. Maybe a new fun "big girl" cup would work. Like the kind that has a straw that folds in and out? AND the paci was hard for Braden but I took it before one...and I tried just taking it cold turkey at first and it didn't work at all. So the next thing I did was take a larger safety pin and poke a hole through the top. He still got his paci, so he felt safe, but it didn't work right. He sucked in a lot of air at first,(no biggie, he just burped a lot) but just kind of quite using it to really suck and just held it in his mouth. THEN I took it away, but he didn't mind because he had learned how to sleep without sucking on it.
Sorry...longest post ever! I'm not an expert, but those are things that have worked for me, so I thought I would pass them on. I swear, there is nothing harder than weaning a baby from something they love...GOOD LUCK! ;)

derek and michelle said...

Ky had a bottle until 16 months and I just did it cold turkey. I let her have a sippie cup and eventually she drank it. Its so hard though because they are so attached. You are so good to be doing all this with two little ones!!

Grandma Nell said...

I love these little babies, and I want them to stay babies as long as possible!! :) There's nothin' wrong with Chloe having a bottle twice a day! There's nothin' wrong with being swaddled forever! Doesn't every girl loved to be held and comforted by being held tightly? She's all girl! And great job on teaching her that she doesn't need her binky! That's the only thing that will damage at this point - because her mouth is being shaped and her teeth are being shaped, and so that is important. You're doing a terrific job as a mother (and Cody as a father!). Love you all!
Mom and Grandma!

Maurice&Tash said...

I just found your blog!! It's Tasha Cureton here, I saw a photo of you non prego, you look great! I will now add your blog. Good luck on the move!

nicole said...

Hey there! (Your girls are so adorable, by the way!) Mara took a bottle once a day until she was around 18 months too, I think. She was just like Chloe and didn't want to drink milk any other way. Something that our dr. told us to do was to make it "look" different. So her cups were bright and colorful, and we gave her chocolate milk. It actually worked after a few tries. The dr. wasn't concerned about the chocolate at all b/c she was getting her milk, and it didn't take long to get her to take the cup with plain milk. Maybe try the chocolate milk??? So good to see you and your fam are doing well!

Gena said...

So.... how did this weekend go?


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