Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Dream Job

Lately I've been dreaming of all the things I want to do someday.

*Own a craft store
*Own a flower shop
*Own a bakery
*Own my own hair salon/spa
*Own a cafe
*Etc, etc, etc.

Notice all of the "owning" involved? I've talked to my sister, Amy, (Super cute, eh? She's the super cute one on the right, and the super cute one on the left is her bff, Carolyn.) about buying a strip mall with me so we can own all of the things we want.....(Including a quilt store, car repair shop and a bookstore) But I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. It just doesn't seem realistic.

Last week, my bff, Alyssa, (also super cute! I just have lots of super cute people in my life) came to visit me in California. (Told you she's my bff! She was going to come to Rexburg before we left, but got sick. So she made the journey out here from Utah instead.)

I told her how much I wanted to do all these jobs. How much I wanted to do basically every job that involves wearing an apron. I'm really into aprons right now....especially one I saw somewhere on blogland (and thought I saved it...but now can't find anywhere!) that is super fabulous and has a big ol' red bow on the shoulder. (If anyone knows the one, leave me a link so I can make it!)

She told me that I COULD do all these jobs...Because I'm a mom! A mom gets to do it all, while wearing an apron!!! No, I won't be able to own all my own places and I probably won't ever make money off of these things...But I can DO them all! I can cut my kid's hair....after I learn how, of course :), and I can bake as much as I want for them (or our neighbors, because I want to bake a LOT), craft as much as I want, arrange flowers every day if I want to make our house beautiful!

Being a mom is the best job ever, and my perfect dream job!!!


sketigal said...

This isn't the one you were talking about, but isn't this apron cute??

Your blog always makes me happy :D

Kelsey said...

Ooh! Great perspective on motherhood.
It would be nice to make some money though...

Shelly said...

Next time you're out here, I'll teach you to cut hair.

erin said...

true that!

Bradley and Ellen said...

awe, I love it! mommies unite! haha. seriously though, that is awesome!

Amy said...

Yay! I love being the super cute one on the right! And I think we should own all those things! :) And I think you're such a great mom!!! Those are two super lucky little girls!

Gena said...

That's awesome! Being a mom is the best job ever, and I think you should wear an apron every day. I saw a really cute half apron out in blogland too, and seen blogs with moms who do wear them for certain tasks with their kids - bathtime, cooking of course, crafts, etc. I think it adds a bit of class to the routine. Maybe I'll try it this week and one of these days make myself a new, super cute apron. :)


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