Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready for a Change

K, how adorable are these hairstyles? When I stopped straightening my hair last fall, it started growing like CRAZY and is now longer than it's been since my sophomore year in high school.
I love having it like this, but I'm ready for a change. A lot of days I feel like it weighs me down and makes me look so blah, so I want a change! I love the Jessica Simpson look, but I think if I cut it that short, I'd be so I'm thinking...Body wave. Just like Kate Hudson. What do you think? I think her hair is totally gorgeous (PS I'm also thinking going blonde...again..but SO not like how it was before. Oh my gosh, I'd let Chloe lick the toilet before going that blonde again. PPS she tries to do that....But we do stop her. I promise. And not the actual toilet bowl, but the back of the toilet where there's condensation. Still just as disgusting. Sick, sick, sick.)

Anyway, I have a lady here that does my hair for really cheap, but she owns her own salon and is amazing. She's the one that fixed my hair when it was insanely blond. She told me she'd do the body wave for only $20! Too bad we don't have $20 to spend on hair! Oh well, I can wait! I wish I could do it with her because I trust her and it's so inexpensive (I called the Paul Mitchell Hair School and they said they started at $35...and that's a hair SCHOOL!!!) but I dont' mind waiting and paying more when we can actually afford me getting my hair did! :)

Until then, I'll have to deal with my long, straight, going-grey hair. It's not so bad.

*I'd like to note that after seeing these pictures
1. I resolve to not eat so many girl scout cookies.......once they're gone and I can actually do that... until they deliver more of them next year
2. My hair looks so unhealthy-especially the part in the ponytail. I NEED to cut it all off!!! Ideas???


CHMomma said...

you could always just get a trim then add long(or short) layers then you dont lose so much of the length. just an idea.
your so pretty you could do any of those hairstyles :O)
ps~ i LOVE kate hudsons waves

Grandma Nell said...

Maybe you can use some of the $$ for your haircut now??!! But it looks so beautiful now!

Grandma Nell said...

Oh and I love your new pictures at the top!! Very cute!

Ainsley Anderson said...

Oh stacey, my hair looks identical to yours right now. Just longer and WAY more split ends. It is so crazy how mine can get so nasty.

I have stick straight hair... so i've looked into body waves and heard horrible things. Bad chemicals that ruin your hair, it doesn't last very long, frizz, and so much work to straighten when the curls go bad. Maybe just rumors... and maybe you're more brave than me. Good Luck.

THE SHAWS said...

hahaha! how does your kid even KNOW how to lick the condensation off the back of the toilet?!?! that's seriously the funniest thing i've EVER heard! oh please of please take a picture of it someday :)
and about the hair...I LOVE both looks, l.o.v.e them...and I think you could rock them both, soooooo instead of doing the dreaded chemically body wave (which probably isn't that bad, but you never know) just curl it? i mean yeah, it takes time, but if you have a medium, or even a small curling iron, and your hair holds curl relatively well (and if it doesn't there are sprays to help with that) anyways just curl your hair but wrap the hair around the iron instead of putting it in the clampy part like normal. you'll get the same effect, without the cost, and without the chemically damage....and THEN you can do a billion other things because your hair is so long!

Gena said...

I was just noticing your hair today while I was over and thinking how long and nice it looked! I think the body wave would be so cute! I am trying to grow mine out right now so I am real envious of the length of yours! Don't cut too much off!

erin said...

your hair doesnt even look unhealthy. i wish i had naturally straight hair. i would KILL for naturally straight hair.


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