Sunday, March 14, 2010

My New Goal

Awhile ago, my friend, Amy Jo made a goal to blog everyday. I told her, and myself, that I'd NEVER be able to do it.

Good thing we all can set goals.

My new goal is to blog EVERY day for a month. So from now until April 14, I will have one blog post a day. (Notice I didn't say HOPEFULLY have; I WILL have. I believe in myself!) I'm hoping that after blogging every day for a month, it'll be habit and I'll just keep going with it.

I love making goals. I love having a plan for everything and making lists-which often comes with making goals. I was going through my journal and found my New Years Resolutions for last year. I had a LOT!
- Read at least 1 chapter of scriptures a day
-Go to the temple at least once a month, even if I have to go alone (because we can't find a babysitter, Cody's working or has tons of school, etc.)
-Practice the guitar at least 30 minutes everyday
-Do at least 20 minutes of pilates everyday
-Clean the house early in the day
-Try to keep the house cleaner
-Shave every other day (mom, I know you're SO excited about that one!)
-Make menu's and cook healthier meals
-Have FHE once a week
-Pray more often in the AM (It's hard to remember when you have a screaming (or now 2) baby and you just want the noise to stop!)
-Learn to sew and use my sewing machine.

This year I didn't formally set any resolutions. Until now! And I'm proud to say I have learned to use my sewing machine and LOVE it (just wish I was better at it!) and I am bummed I didn't practice my guitar 30 minutes a day last year, but it gets hard when you have such a big belly!!! (PS does anyone realize I've now been pregnant for a year and a half? In a period of 2 years?! K, seriously insane.)

I hope you enjoy my new goal! I know I will!!! :)


natasha said...

good for you stacy! i know you can do it to!

Gena said...

Yay! Keep those posts a'comin!!! Hey, let me know if you ever wanna go to the temple together - we're in the same boat with babysitters and Spencer working. I try to make it by myself every month though.

Grandma Nell said...

WooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooo! Good job Stacey!! I'm lovin' those goals! Especially the shaving one (as noted)!!! But MOST ESPECIALLY the one about blogging everyday!YAHOOOO!!!

amyjo said...

I'm glad that I could enspire you! You can see how well I did with that after about a week! :) I'm excited for you to blog each day.


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