Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ok, I'm back!!!!!

Well, kinda... :)

I know I've been a totally loser on my blog lately. I haven't posted pictures because they never work- they're all too big and I don't know how to resize them. Cody said I have to do it in photoshop and the one time I tried, it didn't work. So sorry.

I've also been working on a ton of projects to send to my sister-in-law, who is having a baby girl any day now! (Hopefully not until Friday, though!) My goal was to send the package no later than last Wednesday..........and it's definitely not done yet. I wish I was more crafty and knew how to do stuff...But I'm not and I'm a little embarrassed about the things I've made for her and the baby. So then I get discouraged and just stop working on them instead of finshing it. I've finished one thing that's going in the pacakge...only about 6 more to go. (I actually made something else random for her, but when I showed Cody he looked at it like it looked retarded...which didn't surprise me because I think it kinda is too...Which also made me sad because I wanted it to be really cool. But it's not.)I do love looking at craft blogs, and pretending I can do all the things all the other amazing women do..I guess I just need more practice! I spend a lot of time thinking about how I want to decorate my someday house and all the beautiful things that will be in it-courtesy of me making them, of course. I guess I have a while to practice before that dream becomes a reality!

Chloe and Preslie are doing well. Chloe has a really bad cold and constantly has snot all over her face...Courtesy of her new, so adorable (note sarcasm here) habit of picking her nose, as well as taking her hand, rubbing under her nose and all over her face. It's fabulous. She got her cold on Thursday, and I've heard they only last a week...So here's to hoping it's gone in a couple days! Luckily Preslie hasn't gotten sick yet. She did have a little runny nose, but not bad at all and I haven't noticed it lately. Today we went to our friends, the Marshall's house and Chloe got to play with their girls, Belle and Sophie. Chloe had a BLAST and loved having a big house to run around in and new toys and playmates to play with. Preslie slept the whole time! It was so nice having another adult to talk to, and when Chloe was past the point of tired and needing to take a nap I told Christine that I wasn't ready to go...but we just had to. It was a bummer for me. Chloe started whining as soon as we got in the car, but a few minutes later was fast asleep. That made for a pretty easy nap time.

Cody is busy busy busy in school and constantly looking for a job for after graduation. He graduates April 9, so exactly a month away! I'm so excited for him and so proud of him. He works SO hard at school and then comes home and looks for a job all night! (After playing with the girls, of course) So far he's applied to jobs in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and New Hampshire. We don't really want to live anywhere that is cold...But I think we're at the point that it doesn't matter where we live, we just want a job! Keep us in your prayers that we find something soon!

Cody is such a hard worker and is often at school late. Tonight he'll be there until probably 8:30 at least. That might not seem like too late to anyone else, but normally he's home at 6, and when he only has one class today (at 3:15) and goes to school at 8:30 am and doesn't come until 8:30 pm, it makes for a long day! He's such a great husband and dad and I know that all his hard work at school will really pay off. We love him so much!

Tonight before Chloe went to sleep I said a prayer with her (which we always do). But tonight, for the first time, I would say something and have her repeat it...The prayer went like this-
me: Heavenly Father,
Chloe: Daddy
Me: We're grateful
Chloe: Daddy
Me: For daddy.
Chloe: daddy!
Me: And mommy.
Chloe: Momma!
me: And Preslie.
Chloe: Daddy
Me: And Chloe.
Chloe: Menga!

There was a lot more to the prayer...but you can see how it went. Chloe looooves her daddy!
Right now she can say
Preslie (sometimes...if she's really trying it sounds really good!)
Ball (ba)
night-night (nigh-nigh)
nana (banana)
binky (dinky)
bath (bap)
yeah (not yes! only yeah. For yes she just nods her head)
I'm thinking there's more but I can't think of any.

Preslie is also doing fabulous. Last night Cody tried to feed her before we went to bed (I was already sleeping on the couch, surprise, surprise) at 11 pm. He said she only ate 1 ounce and she slept until 4 am! I gave her her pacifier and she went back to sleep until 6! It was so exciting. I was so proud of her. She's always been a good sleeper and is just becoming better and better. When Chloe was little she'd wake up 2 or 3 times a night, but Preslie has always only woken up once and now is waking up less! I'm so happy! She is SO smily and is already laughing! She started laughing last week and it's A.DOR.ABLE. I was so excited to have her be laughing already because it seems like Chloe didn't laugh until she was like 7 months old. It was a long time! She's such a joy to have and we love her SO much! Anytime you're holding her and she's awake she just stares at you the whole time, and if you look away for a minute, as soon as you look back at her she smiles so big. Seriously makes my heart melt every time! She's so so so sweet!

Well I hope this was a good update for you, Mom :) I'm sure no one else looks anymore since I never blog and it's private! So hard to remember to check those private blogs!! I know I have a hard time with it!


Grandma Nell said...

That was a wonderful updated blog, Susie! Thank you so much! I loved it! Now we just need to figure out how to get pictures on there. but you can put them on facebook too, if you want - or just email them! I love them. I love skype and I love that Chloe calls me and talks to me now! So fun!

Jo said...

Sounds like your babies are so much fun! I am TOTALLY jealous Preslie is sleeping so well! I miss sleep! haha

Linda said...

Happy to hear the girls are doing so well! I check out your blog (mostly to see pics of your beautiful babies, I must admit :)) I hope Cody finds a job soon, I know just how hard it is right now. But hopefully because you're so flexible with location, you'll be able to find something soon. Oh, and when it comes to the creative stuff, I'm sure it looks great! But I've been reading a lot lately about creative blocks, etc. and some people say that you have to have 300 pieces before you are really good at something! The point is to just keep at it...

Gena said...

I do still check your blog!! And I would've made a comment earlier in the week, but you know it's been crazy!

Christine said...

Yay for long updates! I laughed out loud at Chloe's prayer, so precious! I'm glad you wrote it down. :)
See you next week?? :)

sketigal said...

I love reading your blog! And the set-up is so pretty! I wish I was still in Idaho so I could say hi, but maybe I'll come out for a visit!

RussellsRoost said...

Such a cute update!! I loved to hear all the words Chloe can say and to hear about Preslies little smiles! Wish I could see her! I never blog anymore because I can't get my pictures to move where I want them to be and it makes me so frustrated! I don't know why it won't let me do it anymore. But I still get on here to check on everyone else.


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