Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt and Visitors

Today Chloe had her very first Easter Egg hunt! The Primary Presidency invited her to join the primary, (which was SO nice!!! I was so grateful they'd think of us!) even though she's not even in nursery yet! All morning we were talking about it and I kept telling her, "Make sure you put all the eggs you find in your basket! Look all around for eggs, and if you see them, put them in your easter basket!"

I didn't think she was understanding, but she definitely was! All the primary kids walked into the relief society room at the same time, and just kind of wandered around...Except Chloe! She went after those eggs right away! She picked up the first one, shook it next to her ear (they all had some candy inside) and put it in her basket and went after the next! All the kids were allowed to get 11 eggs each so they'd all have the same amount, and she got her 11 so fast! She was a little sad the hunt was over for her, so she walked over to the window, took one of the eggs out of the basket and place it on the windowsill, then put it back into her basket.


Not so adorable.....When I opened one of the eggs and to let her eat a jellybean. She screamed for more until she went down for a nap an hour later.

I forgot to take the camera, but I got some pics on my cell phone and another mom there took a lot of pictures and is going to give them out. When I get them, I'll post them! I can't wait!!


Dan and his girlfriend, Brooke, came to visit us!! They are here now and we're having so much fun with them! Tonight we went to Craigo's for dinner (faaaaaabulous...and SO not on my Weight Watchers program! I'm pretty sure I used a bazillion points tonight...) and now are just hanging out! It's been way fun!!!

We haven't taken any pictures of them, either...But I"m sure we will before we leave and I'll post them with the Easter pics! Bet you can't wait to see!! :)

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Gena said...

That is so cute she took the egg out and put it back! I wanted so badly to take Avie, but darn Friday job, and Spencer thought he needed to stay at the apartment because our landlord said they were changing our Internet or something Friday morning. There's always next year I guess! Glad you guys had fun!


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