Thursday, March 25, 2010


It was a lot easier to say "I'll blog every day for a month" when I had things to blog about.

That lasted about a week.

I'm now wracking my brain, every day, to think of things to post. I'm sure you've noticed that the daily posts are no longer popping up at 7 am like they were last week...I would write them the night before and schedule them so then I wouldn't have to worry about it! When I started, I had 3 whole days scheduled! It was great!

Truth is...

Most of the time, Preslie, Chloe and I are just hanging out at home. Doing nothing. Playing, reading books, changing diapers is our life. Occasionally we go see Cody (I totally in my mind said Daddy instead of Cody...It felt weird to write Cody that weird?) and that's a HUGE excitement.


We're moving soon. Cody is graduating, and we're leaving The Burg. I've got to be honest....I'm a little bit sad. I am excited, don't get me wrong. But I'm sad to leave and know we're probably never coming back...Until maybe one of our kids comes here to school. And then we'll be here for like, what? Two days? I'm excited to be somewhere that we can play outside everyday and go for walks and the beach, but I'm sad to say goodbye to "Student Married Wards." I know I'll never be in one again! While this does have it's pro''s just said to say it's really over.

Today I passed the temple, and thought, "I'll probably never again go into that temple. The last time I was there, did I realize it was the last?" It's so beautiful! I want to go in and say my goodbyes.

Also weird?


I think I'm just weird like that...I watched Grey's tonight (My first time since October...Don't freak out everyone) and this woman had really bad cancer and wanted to die. She got her doctors to help her and she was euthanized. Her husband was so, so sad (understandably) and after she took her pills he said he was scared and laid down next to her. The whole time I (crying...of course...) kept thinking, that's the last time he's going to see her face alive. That's the last time she'll ever hug him in this life.

Ok, I know their just actors. (The wife was actually the horrible daughter from Rosanne...I never liked her) I know that isn't for real. But I just make it about me. How sad when that really happens to one of us!?

So glad to know it's not forever.


I'm sorry I didn't have anything planned for today so you just got totally random thoughts.

Totally, totally random.


Jo said...

I was sad to leave Rexburg! I had a lot of memories...including my first dating moments with Matt and the beginning of our life together. :) Even though I didn't want to stay there forever, I loved that phase of life!

Ainsley Anderson said...

enjoy rexburg. i miss rexburg like crazy. for me it was where i met my husband, years of dating my husband, got engaged, newlywed, first apartment, graduated... SUCH a huge part of my life. I'm sure same as you.

blog about your plans after graduation. you have funny stories... post some of those. :)

erin said...

i was totally sad to leave rexburg. i spent 4 years there, met my husband there, have SO many good memories of the place. i thought i'd cry and miss it a ton. i didn't cry when we drove out, and i don't always miss it, but whenever rexburg comes to mind, i ALWAYS think happy memories. they are good thoughts. thinking about it right now makes me miss it. i've recently learned we just need to enjoy every stage of our lives. the college years were awesome, but these ones now in provo with james' school here are just as good. i'll be sad to leave here too in a year, but know good things are ahead in the next area. anyway, i know you alrady know all this.

i like this entry. :)

derek and michelle said...

Where are you headed? California?

Bekah said...

I like this post better than yesterday's. Although yesterday's was good for a laugh. Even distorted those babies are so cute. I think student married ward sounds fun. It's not always easy to find friends that are your age with kids in a ward. I hope that you successfully bring your life in "the Burg" to a close and welcome a big change and warm sunshine! When will you be moving?

DAY said...

i remember the day we left Rexburg too...and i look back with such fond memories...very special memories. i wish you guys the best in your new adventures; where to next? i haven't heard where you're going or what Cody is doing for a job?

jonandalicia said...

I love the new pics of the girls on your blog header! The girls are adorable! I can't believe how fast the girls are growing!


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