Monday, May 18, 2009

The Missionaries Came Over!

(This was written last Monday- 5/11...I just never posted it.)

I have a post I want to do about Mother's Day, but I just wanted to post my exciting news!! The missionaries came over! I've never, EVER had the missionaries knock on my door unless they were coming over for dinner or something. And I've definitely never had them come tract me out in Rexburg! It was so exciting.

I was just sitting, watching Trading Spouses with Chloe and I saw the shadow of a ton of people outside. I was really confused, and kinda freaked out (I think you know I'm so, so, so afraid of bad guys) and then they knocked on my door. Luckily, my window was open (I always want to look out the window to see who's at the door first, before I open it, but the blindes are usually closed and I always feel like if the person sees me open the blinds to see who they are then I have no choice except to answer the door because they know I'm home. Wow run-on sentence.), so I looked outside and I saw a short haircut, a long-sleeved white shirt and a name tag! I was like-Yeah! I'm not afraid of you!

I opened the door and there were 3 young men. Two missionaries and one other guy, Miles. He was doing splits with them. Anyway, Elder Burton (the blonde one) started talking to me about Heavenly Father's plan of happiness and asked if they could come in and share a message with me. I told them I'm totally ok with them sharing a message, but not right then because Cody wasn't home. Then I told them I was LDS and my little brother was on a mission, so I'm all about least for the next month until Dan comes home. haha, jk. I'll always support missionaries. Elder Burton asked me how the gospel has blessed my life and then I asked if I could take a picture of them! I was so, so excited! I think they thought I was a little lame...But I didn't care. I thought it was awesome.


Ashley said...

hey did elder burton say if he was from texas??

CodynStacey said...

No, he didn't. Do you know him?!

erin said...

my brother comes home next month too!!! remember when they left? i do!


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