Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dog Poo

There is a woman in the building next to ours that has dogs. Two of them. Small ones. I feel a little sad for the dogs because there isn't a very big area for them to run around and play. But apparently they're fine. However. In our lease it says no pets allowed. I think most apartments have that policy. I don't really care one way or the other because no one in our building has an animal (that I know about). I can't smell any, see any, or be bothered by any. Her dogs are so far away that I don't care if she has them or not.

Until tonight.

Her daughter just brought both dogs infront of our apartment and let them poop in our grass. I watched it happen (I didn't watch the dog pooing-just noticed it was happening) and waited for her to pick it up and take it back to her apartment to dispose of it properly. That never happen. She just turned around and went back home.

I am FUMING. I don't want to be mean to them, and I don't want to make enemies, so I really don't want to pick it up and throw it at their door, light it on fire and leave it on their doorstep, or wait until the open the door and throw it inside (all suggestions by Cody). I do, however, want to make a complaint to our managers (who won't care because they have an animal of their own), make a complaint to the building owners (who probably won't care because their offices are 20 minutes away and they manage a bunch of different properties, or pick it up myself and leave a note that says- I believe this belongs to you.

I want them to know that that little patch of grass is ours. We don't have a lot of grass. That happens when you have an apartment. We don't have that much area to play. And when their dog poos in our little patch of grass, it goes down even more.

So...What's the best choice? What should I do? I dont' want to just leave it without doing or saying something..They will just strike again! If not me, someone else. I need to take a stand. Again, I don't want them to hate me or make me their enemy. But I want them to know it's NOT OK.

When I was growing up, my BFF, Kendra and I would walk her dog, Princess. She ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL picked up her poo. I always thought it was SO gross, but I bet those homeowners who were honored to have a little piece of Princess in their lawn were very happy. I wish people here would have the same courtesy.


THE SHAWS said...

I like the idea of throwing the poo inside the house when they open the door. Lighting it on fire is so last year. Actually, I'm totally with you on fighting it. Talk to the higher up people to get it fixed the more civilized way...but if nobody whats to honor the contracts they signed, then I'd say it's fair game for poop slingin'.

Shaylen said...

I think you should put in a paper sack, light it on fire and set it on their door step. :)

Katie said...

sorry about the dog poo. That totally sucks!!!

I liked the last post a lot. Seth and I watched it and were talking about Ms. Cali answer too.

Good for her for saying what she really felt. Same with you. That can be hard sometimes.

I cant wait to come up there for the 5k! Are you ready yet? I am so not ready. I am getting nervous cuz it is in 1 month from yesterday. I ran two miles yesterday but walking for 5 min in between the two. I still have a lot of work to do before I'm ready!

Albright said...

I'm with Cody on this one. Either one of his suggestions would be okay with me. If I had to choose I would go with just throwing it at their door.


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