Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Pictures...Lots and lots of baby pictures

So much has happened lately and I haven't put up any pictures! I can't believe it. Chloe is almost 7 months old (this Sunday!)!! She loves to give hugs and now she puts her arms up anytime she wants us to pick her up. It's adorable. She's talking more and more and loves all the solid foods we give her! Yesterday we gave her a sippy cup for the first time and while Cody was holding it for her she couldn't figure it out! She just kept biting it. But as soon as he gave it to her to hold she just went to town! It was awesome.

Ok, on to the pictures. Cody took them all!

Ok, I know I said she loves all the solid foods she gets...But this was the first time she tried sweet potatoes and she didn't know what to think! Now she likes them. Promise.

But even though she didn't like them, she wanted the spoon

Next was bananas. She wasn't feeling that either. Like mother, like daughter!! (She does like them now...So it's more like father, like daughter.)
Sleeping baby
In her Easter Dress! She was so pretty all dressed up.

Chloe's first time playing outside!!
First time in her highchair!
Sitting up all by herself!!
Pretty blue eyes!
Teething...But that's a whole other blog post.


Matt and Jo said...

I can't believe she's already 7m old! I love this age...they sit up, smile, and talk like crazy but they don't move very much! Just you wait. Pretty soon she'll have you running around like crazy!

Grandma Nell said...

Don't you just love those pictures!?? They're so good! Her little petite lips just need to be kissed by her Grandma!! She is so sweet! I love all of her expressions!

Grandma Nell said...

This little wonken makes so many faces with her little mouth! She loves her little mouth! It's so cute all the ways she moves it and plays with it! I hope she's feeling tons better soon. Screaming babies are not fun! And she looks so happy in these pictures! I love her spitting out her food and making yucky faces with the new food tastes! Remember how she looked when I gave her a taste of the lemon cookie? So funny!

Amy said...

Oh man I love that girl! She is so freaking adorable!!!!! I love it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the sleeping baby pic. She is so beautiful!!!!!

emilyl.dobson said...

Chloe is so cute. I love all the pictures!

Ashley said...

She's adorable! And 7 months old! Crazy!

emily said...

Hey thank you so much! I knew that when I was out of school and not on the computer NEARLY as much that I would struggle to post on my blog regularly, but hopefully I'll be a little better about it now that I've got the first one out since I've been home. Hopefully. So I am still working on drawing what I want on the wall, but it is in progress. I decided to get a clear paint to do it with, so it would be the same color as the walls, but shiny :)... I'll try to remember to post a picture when I finish that. I'm so glad to see your cute cute cute pictures of Chloe, and I hope you guys are doing well in Rexburg. I miss you too!


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