Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Ol' Update

I haven't blogged for a really long time (well, I haven't posted any of my blogs for a very long time) so I thought I'd give everyone a little update.

Everything is the same for me and Cody- Cody's in school full time and there constantly. He's almost done (Woohoo!!!) and has one more semester after this one. We're still looking for an internship for him to do this fall, but hopefully something will come up soon! Cross your fingers! He's still taking tons of pictures of Chloe and never any of himself! (That's why I don't have any pictures of him in this blog...I'm so sad! But he did take all of these ones) I'm in one (and a half) classes and like my small schedule. I knew I couldn't handle a lot more with having Chloe. I'll graduate this semester with my Associates and keep working on getting my bachelors online. This Saturday I'm running a 5k! My brother, Seth, his wife, Katie, and my sister, Amy are coming up to run with me. I am so excited for them to come tomorrow and hang out with us over the weekend! I'm not really nervous about running...But that might be because I haven't ran for like a month and a half. Woops. I usually get nervous for something if I've prepared, but don't if I haven't...Weird, eh? Anyway, I'm excited to do it and get it over with and go fishing afterwards :)

On to the exciting stuff! Chloe!
She is rolling ALL over the place like crazy. She sometimes falls over just to be able to roll. She can sit up and she loves to just sit and play with her toys for 30 minutes to an hour at a time! But lately, because she's realized she can roll across the whole room, she's going all over the place! She plays with the cord to the computer (which we take away as soon as she finds it) the chair legs, her wheels to her walker, the wall (seriously!), and everything else she can find. We used to be able to sit her on the couch wedged in between the cushions and she'd just hang out there, but last week while I was making her bottle, she slid down on her stomach and made her way to the edge! Luckily I got there before she fell off, but we're a lot more careful about that now.

She also can CRAWL! Well, kinda. (This picture happened before I saw her eating it and grabbed it out of her hands)
She was doing it last night and was actually kind of doing it! She would get up on her knees and go like one little "step" and then lay down before getting back up on her knees and going again. But when we put Cody's phone infront of her she went right after it!

She loves our phones! She'll put them up to her ear like she's talking on them. It's adorable.

She can give 5's! I was teaching her awhile ago when we were in California for Memorial Day (more on that later!) and when we were driving home from the airport she really started doing it! Now she's a pro.
She can only give them with her right hand, though, and if you say-Chloe! Gimme five! And your hand isn't ready, she'll high-five your face.

She can say dada- but she doesn't know what she's saying or really what it means, so I don't count that as her first word. I think the first word has to be more than just babbling. She has also started saying mama...kinda. She just started saying m's a couple days ago, and the only way she says them is sticking her tongue out and up-like she's trying to touch it to her nose. It's so funny! We hope she doesn't always say her m's like that... But we'll see.

She LOVES her tongue. Besides being out when she says her m's it's basically out all the time. She can make all the shapes with it that I"ll never be able to do and it's so funny. She also still loves to spit.

Last night we taught her a new trick! She kept dancing like a crazy person, and whenever she would do it Cody would say- Bonkers! You're going bonkers!! And now whenever we say bonkers she starts dancing crazy again! It's hilarious. (Really this just means shaking her butt and her head back and's so funny!)

We've also been watching her Baby Signing DVD and she can do the sign for milk. I don't know if that's really what she's doing, since we've only watched it twice her whole life...But she does the sign! I am trying to tell myself that she's really just waving, though..But she just does it randomly. This morning, though, Cody was holding her and saying goodbye to her before he went to school and she turned and looked at me and did it with a big smile on her face! Like-K, mom, see ya later! I'm going with dad!

I could just keep talking about her forever, but probably the only person still reading this is my mom so I'll stop! :) Sorry to keep everyone waiting for so long on any sort of blog post...I promise to do better! And I'm going to update soon about our trip to California with all the pictures Cody took and edited! They look awesome!!!


Ainsley Anderson said...

i totally read every word. I can't believe how big she is! It seemed like yesterday that she was still in your belly. What kind of an internship is Cody looking for? Hopefully you will find something soon.

Ashley said...

I love it! All of it! She's so cute! And all those pictures of her at the beach are so adorable! Keep up the sign language with her its a second language, they say they start talking a little bit later then most kids but when they do talk their speech is more advanced then the other kids their age. I wish I kept with it with Wyatt.

jonandalicia said...

I totally read the whole post and loved it! We miss you guys so bad and so I love all the detailed updates!!! I can't believe how big she is and how adorable she is. Miss you guys!!!

Grandma Nell said...

Susie! LOVE this post and love the awesome pictures! You look GREAT! And Chloe is as beautiful as ever! I just cracked up when you said that Chloe will high 5 your face if you're not ready!!! Toooo funny! And I bet EVERYONE reads the whole thing - not just me! It is worth the read! I love it! What a beautiful little one! So glad Cody is a great dad to take so many pictures! Can't wait to see more!

RussellsRoost said...

What a fun girl!! She is so so cute!!! I can't wait to see her again durring the 4th of July!! I cracked up at the thought of her high 5ing your face too!!!

Bekah said...

Cute baby cousin. It's so fun to see all the things that she is learning. What a fun time in her life when her little personality starts showing. She is so cute. That's so great you are teaching her to sign. Next time you come to CA, look me up, we live in the middle
! I'd love to meet your hubby and baby.


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