Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, Cody

On Friday night while Cody and I rubbing feet -- something we do probably every night. I LOVE getting my feet rubbed-- I said, "I don't want to rub your feet...I just want you to rub mine."
C: "You don't have to rub mine if you don't want."
S: "Really? And you'll still rub mine?"
C: "Yeah....But don't stop cause I really won't."

Yesterday we took a walk and Chloe was babbling on and on...
C: "She just said Daddy!"
S: "No, she didn't. She said gaggy. That's not Daddy."
C: "No, she for sure said Daddy."
S: "No, she didn't. But babies do usually say Daddy first because it's easier to say than Mommy."
C: "Really?...How about whatever she says first is who she loves the most. Ok?"


I love him.


Grandma Nell said...

You guys are so cute, and so funny!! Isn't being married so fun?!! Enjoy!

Amy said...

that is cracking me up! Ok - but don't because I won't. He's hilarious!!! I'm happy that you're happy!

Ashley said...

hahah. that's hilarious! You guys are so funny! (and I love the piano music!)


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