Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Baby was eaten by an Octopus

I was in the kitchen and Chloe was playing in the living room. When I came back, the octopus had eaten her face! Sorry this is blurry-I was trying to hurry before she moved it.

Help me, Mom!!!!!

This is soooo not cool.

To make up for it, I let her play with her bottle.

Trying to drink it...with the lid still on...

Then I found a summer romper outfit. Complete with a hat.

I don't think she was feeling it

At least she has fabulous pink toes

Which she loves.

And I love her!!

Stay tuned for pics of her first food extravaganza. Sweet potatoes and bananas, here we come!


Fig said...

She is the sweetest, prettiest little girl.

Albright said...

Oh my lanta! She is SO cute!

Amy said...

Alright come on. She is the prettiest little baby in the world!!! Those lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get enough! She's getting so grown up! I've gotta get up there and get my lips on those little cheeks! Man I love her! And you!

erin said...

hahahah i LOVE the secon picture

Bekah said...

That outfit is classic. She's getting big so fast.

the milners said...

The 2nds octopus picture is hilarious! Way to capture the moment! She's a cutie playing with her toes too! I miss you!!


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