Wednesday, September 17, 2008


After we left California, we flew straight to Illinois...And by straight, I mean leaving Long Beach at 6:30 am, getting to Salt Lake, flying from Salt Lake to Vegas, leaving Vegas and flying to Atlanta, and then leaving Atlanta and finally arriving in Bloomington at 9:00 pm. My feet were MORE than swollen! I took a picture on my camera, but I don't know how to upload those pics on the computer. Luckily the flights went pretty fast...Except from Vegas to Atlanta. That was about 4 hours and I was pretty uncomfortable. We were so happy when we finally got to Illinois!

Amy was also visiting, so we were excited to be with her for a few days before she had to leave. We didn't take as many pictures as we did in Cali, but we did a lot of fun stuff!!

On Tuesday my mom took work off and we hung out and got ready for a baby shower that my mom and her friend, Carolyn were throwing for me that night. It was so fun and a lot of people came! Cody also came..I thought before we went I told him he didn't have to go, but maybe I just thought I said that...Anyway, afterwards when he found out he didn't have to be there he was pretty upset because he thought the whole thing was super boring...But I had a great time! And Cody took some fun pictures, so I'm glad he was there. :)
Me with Sarah and Erin

The super yummy cake my mom made. There was a booty on each piece!

Opening presents

My new, super cute diaper bag from Amy. She got it at Dollywood!! She was so excited and filled every pocket with presents. So cool!!!!

The next day, Wednesday, we drove Amy back to Indianapolis so she could catch her flight home. When we were about 5 minutes from the airport we got a flat tire. We didn't realize it until we got there, so she left and Cody and I found a parking lot to fix it. We put on the spare-after like 20 minutes of trying to get off one bolt...thing..(What are those called?) and went to downtown Indy. We went shopping and then found the Indy 500!! It was exciting and Cody was very happy to be there--even though it was dark and nighttime and nothing was happening.

Back in Illinois we hung out with Sarah and my parents. We played lots of games and ate lots of good food! On Friday Cody, my dad and I went shooting at this really nice shooting range. We didn't get any pictures of that, but it was so fun! My dad filled us in on all the gun info like where they came from and why they were made-it was really interesting and we really liked it! On our drive home from the shooting range we talked about how fabulous Illinois is...ok, so I was really the one talking about it. How awesome it is to just drive between two giant fields of corn and/or soybeans. It's just SO SO SO pretty! I love it there!

On Saturday morning we started the long trek back to Utah. We left at 10 am Saturday morning and got into Utah at 8 Sunday morning! Cody drove the ENTIRE way (because we were driving Amy's car and it's a stick and I am too much of a wuss to drive a stick...) WITHOUT stopping (besides a few bathroom breaks for me and to run around in the middle of the night so he wouldn't fall asleep) so when we got there he was very, very tired.

Some pretty pictures from our drive...

We were going to stop at every Welcome or Goodbye state sign...But we only got the Welcome to Iowa one.

We stopped at Amy's in Salt Lake for about 2 hours and slept and then I drove back to Rexburg. We were so happy to be home after our long trip and this is what welcomed us back!

Ah! So pretty!!!


Meeker home said...

Oh it is so fun to see Carolyn in the background of that first picture. And I love the sunrise (or set) pretty. Sounds like an awesome trip. Except the driving back to Utah part. Oh how I love that drive! We would always do the 22 hours straight too. I hated it and I wasn't even 8 months pregnant. Ouch!

Fig said...


That cake is amazing! How long did it take to do all those booties??

That's a LOOONG drive. Wow.

erin said...

1. the long beach airport is like the ghettoest ever
2. i went to iowa and state sign said, "IOWA--you make me smile" it was the coolest state sign ive ever seen

Bekah said...

Great pictures Stacey. My son has the same color hair as Cody. It is the best color for hair. Glad you guys had a great vacation. And that you made it back safe. I am excited for a baby and for you and Cody. And for your mom, I just know she's thrilled.
Take good care of you. Love you.

Seth and Katie said...

Wow those Sunset pictures are amazing! Seriously awesome. I'm glad we got to see each other for the few hours you were at Amy's that weekend. I am also very glad you guys made it home safely.

Amy said...

I forgot how amazing Rexburg sunsets are. Seriously amazing.

That was such a fun trip!!! I'm so glad we got to be home together even if it was just for a second!

And I love the new blog layout!! So cute! (Yes, it's been a while since I've been on here... darn that google reader!!)

Love you!!!

Los Webb said...

I love your pictures. I love the diaper bag you got, and the cake, oh its so cute. I also love the sunset pictures, i love sunsets.
P;s I love your new background ;)


You are too cute. And those pictures actually make me miss Rexburg!


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