Friday, September 12, 2008

California Part 2

After the wedding was over we had all day Sunday to relax and just hang out. It was really nice, but when we left early Monday morning we kept saying how we just didn't have enough time there to just be with Cody's family and do some of the stuff we wanted to do. We'll have to go back soon so we can get it all in!!

We went to church and then went home and were just relaxing. This is a pic of me at 7 1/2 months in my only real maternity dress...that is now too small.
Cody got to fly his plane with Seth, which he loves to do, so that was fun, but we didn't get any pictures. Then in the afternoon Cody asked if I wanted to go to the beach. We took Seth because he wanted to fly his plane on the beach, and Cody and I walked on the pier and was saw dolphins!!! I was sooo so so excited. I've never seen dolphins before in real life, so it was awesome. It was really nice to just walk around on the beach and see so many interesting people. We passed one house that reeked of marijuana and found another that was renting out-2 bedroom 1 bath for like 2,000 a month...Holy moly. I'm glad our rent isnt' that expensive!
We went to pick up Seth, and Cody didn't say anything about going to watch him fly or flying himself...Which I thought was a little weird. But I was all planed out, so I didn't say anything to remind him. Then when we were driving home, he got a call-I thought from his mom, but really from his dad- and told him we were coming home right then and then he apologized...Which I thought was weird. I asked him why afterwards and he said it was because we were supposed to be home like 20 minutes earlier. I just figured they had dinner ready and were waiting for us, so I didn't really think anything of it. When we got back, we walked into the living room and everyone was there and yelling, "Surprise!!!" Now I was SO confused. I thought they had done something for Cody, so I kept looking at him like...Why didn't anyone tell me about the surprise so I could be in on it? But then I looked outside and saw pink balloons and presents and baby/pregnant bunting so I was like Oh!!! It's for me! It was so exciting! Cody's sister, Brittany, and his mom had planned a surprise baby shower and it was so, so nice and so super fun!
Everyone that came...Austin and Sara even came!
I loooove presents!!!
Our first, super fun game. It was a memory game and they were all baby words like babysitter, twins, late night feeding, etc. When you got a match you got a candy that corresponded to that word. Like...Dirty diaper was raisenettes, Girl Name was Baby Ruth, babysitter was lifesavers...It was so fun and everyone was excited to get and share a bunch of candy.

Then we played another game where you and your partner (or spouse..expect for Cory and Sara's mom) dressed a baby in a diaper, shirt, hat and socks, but each of you could only use one hand. Both sets of grandparents had a hard time remembering to only use one hand. It was so funny and they were such good sports about it!
His parents did an awesome job!
There aren't any pics of me and Cody doing it, but we had a total plan and did it in only 30 seconds!!! We thought we had it in the bag...Until Cory and Cathy came along and did it in only 28! Austin and Sara dropped the baby...So we told them we added on like 15 seconds for a penalty.

That night I really, really wanted In-N-Out before leaving, so Cody told me if I stayed up past midnight (which some people might not think is a big deal...But is super hard for me!!!) then he'd take me. I did it! So at 12 Cody, Cory and I all went there. YUM. It was fabulous.

The next day we left really early, and in the airport, I was watching people board our flight when I realized our friend, James, was getting on! He saw us later and we were all so excited! James was Cody's roommate when I first met them, so we all used to hang out together all the time. Even when Cody moved back to California my friend, Alyssa and I would hang out with James a lot. When we finally got back to Salt Lake (the first of our 4 flights of the day) we took a pic together. Reunited!!


The Walks said...

Fun I'm so sad me and Casey missed it we would have totally won the baby dressing game:)

RussellsRoost said...

I am so glad that you guys got some pictures of the baby shower! It was so funny to see the look on your face, you were so confused! And how random that you saw James! Fun!

Paige said...

LOVE the dress! Mine got too small at the end as well - bummer. I should have just skipped church when I had nothing to wear :) Sorry I didn't make it to your shower(not this one, but the one in SLC), I LOVE YOU & need to see you sometime!

emily said...

Your surprise baby shower sounds like it was so much fun, and you are such a CUTE pregnant girl!

Seth and Katie said...

What a great surprise! I love surprises. That sounds like a super fun baby shower. I am glad you had fun in California and survived all the plane rides!

Shaylen said...

That is way cute about the surprise! That sounds like a fun vacation!


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