Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So I'm super excited for our cruise....until I got sick today. I was fine until about 2 pm and I was at work and it just hit me. I have a cold SO bad. I've drank almost 40 oz. of juice in about 2 hours and I kinda expected it to go away by now...haha obviously not going to happen. Hopefully by Friday morning I am feeling a-ok because I can't go on a cruise and just sleep the whole time! It doesn't help that all the kids at my work are so sick and I have to play nurse and take care of them...I should buy some masks.

Cody and I have been decorating for Christmas!!! It's really exciting. We have some lights up and a snowman guy and cute signs that say-Happy Holidays and one of Santa's face and a snowman...So cute. Then today I remembered we have a Nativity from my mom!!! It was next to our washing mashine because we don't have room in our little apartment for storage, and because it was hiding away last year we forgot to put it out! So this year I was so excited I remembered. Then I remembered another important fact...Awhile ago our washing mashine broke and flooded EVERYWHERE. Twice. So the box was all messed up and I was really hoping it'd be ok. I actually was only thinking about if hundreds of giant spiders were going to run out of the box when I ripped it open..Oh sick. I just got goosebumps thinking about it again. YUCK! Luckily there weren't any spiders. But, the whole stable was covered with MOLD. Gross, I know! I'm sure that makes it a little more authentic, but...I think I'll pass. So I was really really hoping the figures would be ok, and they are! They still look good so I put them out on our coffee table. Look how cute they are. Even without a stable.

K...I'm going to bed. Wish me well :)


Amy said...

Oh... feel better! I'm so excited you get to go on a cruise! But that's a dang lot of OJ!!! What a cute Nativity set too - they survived the flood! :) I can't wait to see your decorations at Christmastime! Love you!

james & erin said...

oh stacey i soooooo hope you feel better! that would suck so bad if you didnt. i'll pray for you. :)


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