Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Tribute

Meet my friend, Jill.

And my friend, Polly.

Last Saturday they came to visit me at Grandpa and Grandma Dobson's house. I was really excited. I decided to play a little trick on them and so we stuff clothes under my sweatshirt to make myself look about 7 months pregnant. Brittany and Emily and I figured it all out so if they asked questions we'd be ready. I was 7 months pregant and due January 24, same birthday as my mom. So they came over and when they hugged me hello I stuck my belly out as far as I could so they'd feel it!


So we started talking and Cody hung around for awhile, waiting to see what they were going to say....


Finally after like 10 minutes of talking I stood up and was like-GUYS! Didn't you notice?!?! And I stuck my belly out really far again.

Their reply?

"Whatever! Show us your skin!!!"

Thanks, guys.

HAHA. These guys are my favorite and so awesome so I am making a tribute to them.

Polly and Jill

Polly and I met my senior year of high school. She was in my choir class and she was flirting with all the boys at the beginning of class. I knew I wanted to be friends with all the boys, so I said to myself, "Self, you need to be friends with that girl." She sat infront of me and we started talking and a few days later she asked me to skip school with her! Of course I said yes :) We skipped our choir class and went bowling with a bunch of guys. It was exactly what I wanted! After that we started hanging out more and more. We watched Honey constantly and tried to learn all the dance moves. We had picture taking sessions, cuddling parties and took walks together...hahaha it sounds like we were involved...We weren't. I promise!!!

Jill. I ususally call her Jillian. We met my senior year of high school, also in choir class. I'm pretty sure she sat next to Polly. She turned around and was like-Are you Stacey Springer? I said yes, and she was like-We work together. We both worked at Teddy Bear Builders at the University Mall in Orem. There we got to be close, close friends. Jill and I had a combined birthday party once in the middle of the year, when it wasn't either of our birthdays. I think it counted as a half-way birthday for both of us. It was at Teddy Bear Builders and our friend/boss was in charge of it. It was one of the most fun parties I've ever been to. We all got to make an animal and I made an elephant named Giovanni. Everyone had to make a wish to put inside of their animals, and my wish was that I would never forget the people I had become best friends with, the things we had all done together, and all the memories we created together because it was one of the best years of my life.

Jillian and Polly, you guys are seriously awesome :)


james & erin said...

i miss high school somtimes. especially the ease of the homework.

April said...

I'm still waiting for my tribute.


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