Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally 21 and All That Other Good Stuff...

I stole part of that title from Erin... :)

So my birthday was last Friday, the 23 of November. I turned 21 and had a little birthday party, an exciting game, a big dinner, a gathering of family of family of family and a festival of lights. All in my honor :) Well, most of it at least.
My Little Birthday Party
Was SO fun! That morning Cody's family and I all opened presents. I got sooo much stuff! I think I've always made out pretty well when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, but this year was awesome! This is the list of what I got.
*Money from Grandma and Grandpa Dobson
*Really yummy smelling soap from Bath and Body Works Brittany and Seth
*Snorkling stuff from Cory and Austin for our cruise
*Money from Cody's parents for a temple dress
*A super cute Thanksgiving sign that says "Gobble Till You Wobble" from Cody's parents

Not such a cute picture of me...but a super cute sign

*The super cute hat and gloves from Maurices that were on my list from Cody

That's my super cute hat with me smelling the yummy smelling soap

*My dream coat!!! From my parents. I LOOOOOVE it.

This is how excited I was to finally put my coat on!!!

*2 Michael Buble cds. One from Cody-Call Me Irresponsible, and one from Amy-Michael Buble. I'm listening to Michael Buble right now, his self-titled cd-and it's AMAZING. I'm totally rocking out. I love it.

*High School Musical 2 Soundtrack. I haven't listened to it that much yet cause Cody doesn't like it...But I do!

*Cookies from my friends, Mindy and Christine

*A super cute card from Seth and Katie

*A ton of hygiene stuff from my friend, Daniela...At work we give cards to everyone for their birthday, and one lady in my card wrote- I hope you have a good B.D. looked like she wrote-I hope you have a good B.O. So, everyone was making fun of me and saying I have bad BO. So she gave me a bag full of flossers, toothpaste and a toothbrush, body wash, deoderant, cotton balls and q-tips, etc. It was hilarious. I could not stop laughing!!

*And lastly (I think..If I forgot your present, I'm really sorry! Like I said, I got so much stuff it was hard to keep track!)
MY GUITAR. That's right. Cody, the coolest, most wonderful husband of ALL TIME, bought me an acoustic guitar. This is basically how it went...I was all excited about all my presents when Cody said, "I forgot one of your presents." I wasn't really paying attention, cause i was too excited about everything else. Then he came back and stood behind my chair and said, "Here's another present." I turn around and....

I was SO excited after the initial shock of thinking he was just playing a joke on me and it really belonged to someone else. It was by far my favorite present and I love it and play it ALL the time. Cody just bought me a couple picks today so I can learn how to really strum. I have already learned how to play "A Horse With No Name," and "Leaving on a Jet Plane." I'm trying to learn "Sweet Baby James" but it's SO hard! It's at the end of the book....leaving on a jet plane is like on the 2nd page...So I think I'll just work my way up to sweet baby james.
Yeah for Birthdays!!!

An Exciting Game
Once Shaunda, Amber and Summer made their way to the house we all went to play football at one of the parks in Spanish Fork. One team was me, Cody, Dirk, Cory, and Summer. On the other team was Perry, Grandpa, Austin, Amber, Andy and Drew. Cheering us on was Celeste, her daughter, and Seth. Seth didn't get to play cause he was sick but he flew his helicopter and it was so cool to watch! It could do flips and all kinds of stuff. Austin convinced Drew that it had a mind of it's own and a couple times it got a too close for comfort to Drew and he was scared. It was really cute.
We ended up tying the game and we made an extra friend!

Sick, I know.

A Big Dinner
Thanksgiving dinner was switched from Thursday to Friday, so it landed on my birthday. It was sooo yummy. We don't have any pictures, but there were lots of people and loads of food!

A Gathering of Family of Family of Family
So for my birthday dinner with my family we went to Trio cafe cafe cafe....note the family x3...Clever, I know... :) We didn't take any pictures here either, but Amy, Noah, April, Seth, Katie and Cody and I all went to dinner and it was SOOOOOO good. Cody and I shared a pizza and I ate some of Noah's pasta and all of it tasted amazing. Oh I want to go back! Then we ate my yummy birthday cake that Cody made for me. We didn't even get a picture of that! Oh frustrating. It was also soooo good.

Festival of Lights
After dinner, Amy, Seth, Katie, Cody and I went to Temple Square to see the newly lit Christmas Lights everywhere. It was SO beautiful! It was the first time Cody and I had been there to see them-I went once before when they were on but not to look at them and I wasn't really paying attention...-

The last 2 are of this guy that came in the Joseph Smith Building. He was on HUGE stilts and looked homeless and had a huge purple blanket wrapped around him...the 2nd picture is of one of the security guys telling him to leave. I don't think they let him stay in there for even 2 minutes. When he left he had to go through the revolving doors and he completely folded over! His back was on the very top of the doors. It was insane.
So that was my birthday! How exciting!!! It was a really good day.

Here are some really cute pics of Madi, Brittany and Seth's baby. She is soooo cute and so fun to play with! I'm sad we didn't get any pictures with Aidan during the BYU-Utah game, but we're coming down again this weekend so I'm sure we'll be able to then since it'll be his birthday next Monday!

That was a teddy bear Cody and I gave Madi for Christmas. She got to open it early though so we could be there for it.

And i know this post is way longer than any I've ever done...But I had to say we saw Enchanted on Saturday with Wesley and Emily and Seth and Katie and Amy and it's SO good! I LOVE that movie!
Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy is in it, and anyone from that show in anything I'm pretty sure I"d like...AND when I was googling pictures for this movie to put on here...I found out...They have a Patrick Dempsey Enchanted DOLL. HAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh that cracks me up.

I promise I won't post another post this long for a long time!!!


james & erin said...

holy moly you werent lying when you said it was long! im glad you had such a fun time in utah for thanksgiving and your birthday! the first time i see you when we get back you better be wearing your hat, gloves and dream jacket! oh and maybe you can use those snorkeling goggles to block the snow.

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

I hope all your posts are that long & fun from here on out...also, it looks like you can check off some things from your Christmas list, so there is probably plenty of room for the Patrick Dempsey Enchanted Doll. Great idea, I know! Looks like such a fun weekend! I have to do a post soon, but I am too freaking lazy & have been working on Christmas Cards instead. :)

Grandma Nell said...

Stacey - that was awesome! I loved hearing the events and activities of your fun birthday/Thanksgiving weekend! And the pictures are great! You look so cute in your "birthday suit" of the coat, hat, goggles, and guitar! You are too funny! Love to you and Cody, from Mom!


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