Thursday, April 14, 2016

Zoo Day

Today I got to go with Preslie on her kindergarten field trip to the zoo! She was SO excited. And SO excited I was going to come with her. Unfortunately, I was stuck in major traffic trying to get off the freeway into the Dallas zoo. I texted Cody, "I think all of Dallas is trying to get into the zoo today!" And he texted back, "Last year they went to the Fort Worth zoo. Are you sure it's not that one?" So when I finally was pulling into the parking lot, I called my friend Kristi, who was also going. She confirmed - FW zoo. I was SO MAD!! I finally got there after an extra 40 minute drive and THEN we started having a great time! 

Preslie said her favorite was feeding the birds. They have this big bird sanctuary and you can pay to get a little stick with peanut butter and bird seed on it. I didn't buy any (much to the dismay of the other little girl who was with us who kept asking me to buy everything in the place), but we were lucky to find some that other people had left behind. I even got a bird to sit on my stick as it was eating so that was fun! 
It was so funny to listen to the kids as they looked at all the animals. When we were looking at the giraffes they couldn't get enough of the ducks that were in the little pond near them. I didn't hear one thing about giraffes - it was all, "Oooh!!! Look at the ducks!!! Here comes a duck! Why are that duck's eyes red?..." 
With they lions - who didn't do anything! At the end we had to just rush through because we ran out of time. I asked Preslie if she wanted to stay with me so we could go through and look at what we missed and play more, but she said no, she wanted to ride the bus. She's growing up and wants to be with her friends more than her mom! I love that sweet girl!! 

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Karen Peterson said...

Aw, what a fun day! Bummer that you went to the wrong zoo at first, but at least you got it figured out!


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