Friday, April 15, 2016


Maggie started walking a few weeks ago! She still prefers crawling more than anything else, but if she's near furniture she always is up walking holding onto it. She also loves climbing the stairs and taught herself how to go down them which is exciting! She is go-go-go and into everything all the time. I always said Charlotte was preparing me for a boy because she was so busy and curious but she was really just preparing me for Maggie! Charlee has nothing on this babe. Maggie is constantly into one thing or another. As soon as I get her away from making one mess, she's already made another one. 
She fell asleep in her car seat, so when we got home I got her out and she nuzzled right in. This is why I don't know if I could ever be done having babies! I'll take the mess any day, but I will forever miss the love babies show you when mine don't anymore!! 

1 comment:

Karen Peterson said...

She is just such a sweetheart! All of your girls are! I still can't believe I haven't met Maggie yet. We need to fix that soon.


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