Monday, January 26, 2015

Preslie Turned 5!

Preslie Pie has a hard birthday. Being born only 4 days before Christmas, and 4th in a continuous line of holiday birthdays in our house (5 if you count Axel), she has NEVER had a birthday party. Chloe's always been the lucky one and had a birthday party every single year (some of them being larger than others…)

Anyway, this year I decided that Chloe got to take a break from birthday parties and it was Preslie's turn. I think we'll do it that way from now on. So much easier for me and by the time Preslie's birthday gets here I'm not as "partied out."

Preslie said she wanted a Frozen party, but I didn't want to go totally Disney crazy, so we just did a few Frozen things here and there.

I have to say, after doing such a big, extravagant, "Pinterest" party for Chloe when she turned 4, doing one for Preslie that was understated, much easier, and more focused on the actual birthday girl instead of all the extras was SO MUCH BETTER.

I love a good extravagant party as much (or more?) than the next person…but maybe for when they're older. Or maybe not. Can we just calm down with all the extras and focus on the actual person we're celebrating?

Stepping down off my soapbox.

We invited some of Preslie's friends over and played games, opened presents and had cake and ice cream. It was pretty relaxed the whole time and Preslie had an absolute blast, which was the most important part. When the kids first got here we had them go upstairs and play for awhile, and then they came down and we played a game with balloons where you have to catch them in a funnel. That lasted about 3 minutes, so we moved on. The next game we played they had to be blindfolded, holding a pie tin filled with cotton balls on their head. They had to use a spoon to scoop up the cotton balls and put them in a bowl in front of them. It's actually REALLY hard! I tried doing it to explain the game without a blindfold, and I didn't get any. The kids loved it and each had 3 turns!

After that we got out twister. It was hilarious to watch these kids on this huge game where their feet couldn't reach from one color to the next try and spread out on it. We were cracking up!

After games, Preslie opened presents. She is not shy to show how much she loves her gifts.

She was the most excited about a Frozen scooter her friend had gotten her! We also bought her a scooter we were giving to her the next day (on her actual birthday) so now Preslie AND Chloe both have a scooter and they love riding them together!!

We bought Preslie this apron and matching chef hat (which I thought she would love, but has never worn) because she LOVES being in the kitchen with me. Anytime I'm making anything she wants to be there and she calls me "Chef Mommy"

I wanted to make a Frozen cake, and what's easier than buying the toys and sticking them on? I originally was only going to put Anna on because I was not willing to spend $20 on an Elsa the same size. Luckily I found the other characters at 5 Below - all three for $5! I'm much more willing to do that (but that's also why Anna is a giant)

Preslie had such a great birthday and we had such a great time celebrating her! We love her so much and I'm so grateful for her big 5 year old self!!


LynnEl Springer said...

What great pictures! What a fun little girl! She's so expressive and so, so cute! I'm so happy she got to finally have a birthday party - just for her! Celebrating Preslie Pie!

Marlena Christensen said...

So fun! I wish we could have been there. Great pictures!

Karen M. Peterson said...

What an awesome birthday! I can't believe Preslie is FIVE!!


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