Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Orleans Day 1

Cody has always wanted to go to New Orleans and I have always wanted to stay far away from New Orleans. I've never had the slightest desire to go there - actually I've always heard how disgusting it is and wanted to stay far, far away. But because I'm such a kind, loving, thoughtful wife, I decided to plan a trip there for Cody's birthday. (Also I started researching the food New Orleans is famous for…so much for being kind, loving and thoughtful…I just wanted to eat well)

I wanted to have the trip be a surprise for Cody, but even though he says he loves surprises, he really hates them. Plus I wanted to use his points he's accumulated when he used to be away from home 90% of the time for our hotel and flight and I didn't know how to do that without him. I ran the idea past him and figured he'd shoot it down, but he was all for it and the planning began! 

We were going to fly there on Thursday, Jan 8 and fly home Sunday night the 11. His birthday is the 10th, so it worked perfectly for a little weekend away. Also, because he has so many points, we used them to fly his mom out here to watch the girls for us. They were all thrilled about that and we were thrilled to have her able to come be with them!

Our flight there was uneventful and easy. The girls didn't seem sad because they were so excited to see their grandma and have some fun with her! Once we got to New Orleans we got a taxi and headed to our hotel. We stayed in the Roosevelt New Orleans - Waldorf Astoria. It was gorgeous. It reminded me so much of the Palmer House in Chicago. Everything was so ornate and gold, with giant chandeliers and intricate floors. 

I had called the week before to see if I could upgrade our room - that would be my one surprise to Cody since the trip couldn't be a surprise, but the girl wanted me to pay $100 which I wasn't willing to do. When we got there, we got upgraded for free because Cody is a "whatever member that gets upgraded for free." I was glad I didn't waste $100 on that! We also got free drinks (or would have if we drank). The man kept going on and on about how "You can't say you stayed in the Roosevelt New Orleans until you have the Sazerac from the Sazerac Bar. This is a very strong drink, better suited for the gentleman. So for the ladies, I would suggest…" He went on and on until I finally said, "How about a drink for pregnant ladies?" He stopped and replied with, "Juice." 

We put our stuff in our room which was a nice two-room suite. It had a little living room with a half bath and then a separate bedroom with a full bath. I was so excited the bathroom even had a tv so I could watch HGTV from the shower! 

We started walking around downtown and checking out the sites. We were both starving so we found Johnny's Po-Boys and started our weekend feast. I got half a shrimp po-boy with a half order of seafood gumbo and Cody got the roast beef po-boy. 

Roast Beef po-boy. (We didn't take one of Cody's) Pic here 

I was so excited because there was a giant shrimp in my gumbo, only to pull it out and realize it was a soft shell crab!! I stuck it back in…We both liked the sandwiches but they're pretty dry so you have to deal with that.

We kept walking around and found Jackson Square. The Marines band was playing and singing and it was so fun to watch. Apparently New Orleans was celebrating…something…that weekend, which is why they were there. It was FREEZING, so we sought refuge in the St. Louis Cathedral that's right off the square.

It is so gorgeous and was still decked out for Christmas (as was most of the city) so we got to see the Nativity that was set up and all the pretty flowers they had. I walked up to the front while Cody was taking pictures and sat down and started reading their Mass books. When he caught up to me and after taking more pictures, I made him walk down the aisle with me like we had just gotten married since we never really got to do that. He tried pausing after every step, but I told him that wasn't cool anymore. 

Picture of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral from steps across from Jackson Square
We spent most of the day just walking around, taking pictures, listening to street musicians, finding old antique shops to explore and escape from the freezing cold.

That night we went to 801 Royal and enjoyed some seafood nachos. I have been craving nachos my whole pregnancy (still am in fact…and a soft pretzel…just to add that in…) and they did not disappoint! Yummmmm now all I want is nasty, melted nacho cheese. 
pic from here

After dinner we kept walking around and found a little dessert place that had ice cream and cannolis. I was beyond excited to have a cannoli and ended up being pretty disappointed. Cody got strawberry ice cream and his ice cream was SO sweet and my cannoli was so NOT sweet, but we ate it all anyway. Of course :)
We walked to the hotel by the way of Bourbon Street and crashed. We walked about 8 miles our first day!


LynnEl Springer said...

Can't wait for Part 2!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

How awesome! I knew you went, but I didn't know how the trip came about.


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