Monday, July 14, 2014

New York Day 3

The next morning we started out bright and early. We were going to spend the morning riding bikes around Central Park! We were all so excited.

Central Park is so beautiful and amazing. At first it was a little overwhelming because we didn't really know where we were going and there were so many people that were hardcore biking/running that you didn't want to be in the way. But after a few minutes of getting the hang of it, it all worked out perfectly and was simply amazing!

Seriously beautiful!

After biking for about…5 minutes :) we stopped for brunch! We went to The Boathouse and sat at the second table from the left in the open space in the picture (on the website).
 It was soooo yummy. They brought us banana bread (umm any restaurant that brings me banana bread to start the meal? My absolute fave.) and then we ordered. 

Mom, Amy and I all ordered Eggs Benedict (from the menu -"Eggs Benedict - Irish Smoked Bacon, Smoke Salmon or Spinach, Hollandaise and Chefs VegetableI dare you to guess if we ordered it with bacon, salmon or spinach… (Also, most amazing carrots I've ever had)

Katie ordered Macaroni and Cheese (with vermont cheddar and gouda and it was the BEST mac and cheese I've ever tasted) and Brooke and April ordered the omelet of the day.
Everything was SO good. We just kept sitting there in amazement that we were really eating at such a beautiful, amazing, picturesque place. When I go back to NYC (someday) I will definitely be going back there!

After brunch we continued our bike ride. We could only rent our bikes for 4 hours and our brunch had taken at least 1 1/2. We could only ride the outer loop of the park and on the map it said that took 2 hours. So we had to hustle!
We stopped by this lake and I just couldn't get over how beautiful everything was. There was this little cabin in the distance that was so pretty. I wanted to go explore it, but decided against it. Lucky, for me, because April and Brooke went there to use the restroom and said that close up it is super stinky and gross. 

We quickly biked the rest. I wish we could've explored the whole park more, but bikes weren't allowed on any of the paths so we couldn't really go into the park. Next time!!

After we had returned our bikes we did a little bit of shopping! We walked past Trump Towers to Tiffany's and did some window shopping. 

Amy said I needed something else in there so you could compare sizes. We didn't really have anything, so just compare it to the ring boxes. Those are normal ring boxes and that diamond almost fills the ENTIRE top!

This was all there is to this Apple Store. You walk in and immediately go underground. The whole store is under the street!
The hotel from Home Alone 2

We headed down to one of my must-have stops - Serendipity!
 I just had to get some Frozen Hot Chocolate! We also wanted to have lunch, but the wait was so long and we had to get back. So we put our names in and decided to just get some frozen hot chocolate and eat later. While we were waiting we headed down the street to Dylan's Candy Bar.

 The owner of this store is Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren's daughter.

They had a s'mores bar downstairs. It was a chocolate fountain with graham crackers, marshmallows, as well as rice krispy treats and some other things they would dip for you. Each individual thing cost $1. Not bad for NY, but can you imagine the killing they make off that? Buy a bag of marshmallows for $2.50 and sell each one for $1?? I should've thought of that!

I almost bought this for Cody :)

We went back to Serendipity and I have to say, it wasn't really the experience I was hoping for. 
Maybe because we were in a rush, but I felt like the servers were being super slow and I guess I just felt really anxious to get going because I didn't want anyone to be late for our next activity. Also, the frozen hot chocolate was really good, but I think next time I'll order what Brooke and April got!

April and Brooke's dessert- yum! I think it was called Humble Pie?? Doesn't look humble to me! :)
I also have to say, I have some ammmmazing pictures of Katie from here, but I'm not allowed to post them or I have to pay her $500 :) 

Our next stop was the World Trade Center Museum. It was amazing! I will have to make that into another post because there was so much to see and experience there. 

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