Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New York Day 2 (part 1)

After Brooke, Amy and Katie got there the first night, we decided we weren't going to worry too much about getting to the Today Show early because they were having a concert there that day that no one really cared about. (Sorry, Fall Out Boy fans!) We knew it would be super insane and packed with people, so we decided to get a little extra sleep and just go to the show when we got there. We ended up getting there around 9 am and the whole thing was empty! The Today Show concert stage was still there, but there was no people left.
The stage and plaza is SO much smaller than I always thought. I thought it was like a city block (ok, maybe not that big!!) but it reminded me of a little alleyway. Tiny! 

The plaza was empty and a little ransacked

Bouchon Bakery! I've always wanted to go there (since I love the Today Show and love seeing it in the background!)! We went the last day (Monday) and I had a chocolate croissant and grabbed a couple "Fahgettaboudit" for Cody and me to have later.

The real, live, today show!!!
This guy was standing next to his car, waiting for someone to come out of the building. I swear it was going to be Matt Lauer (because you know he doesn't drive himself to work) but we decided to not wait around and see. 

The girls at the show!

After we went to the plaza, we went across the street to check out the NBC Experience Store. It was pretty cool! 
The NBC logo -full of different colored MNM's! Yes, please!

He's Her Lobster shirt

I wanted this so bad…Too bad I'm too cheap to spend $28 on a t-shirt...

Anyone know why they had an Urbana-Champaign shirt in the middle of it all? Me neither...

I met Matt! I know, I know. He's a scumbag. I know. But I still love him.

After the store, we headed to the Rockefeller Center to go to the roof and take in the sites. We got our tickets and had to wait awhile to head up, so we found a Brookstone to get foot/body massages in their amazing chairs while we waited. I sat down in one, and instantly had ALL the employees (Ok, there were only 2 employees) over, both telling me, "You can't sit in there unless you're over 18." I just had to laugh and say, "I'm almost 30…" (Yes that makes me cry on the inside, but as long as I still look younger than 18 I guess it's ok!) We all got massages (mostly) :) and headed up for the view. Before we got there, we all had to stand in line for a picture. There was the most amazing photographer…He said the SAME thing over and over and over…Until he saw me filming him and he switched it up. I was so mad. Every other time he said, in a sing-song voice (honestly, I can sing it to myself all day still), "And now we're falling guys!!"  Instead, he said that. 

After we did the picture (which we didn't buy..Does anyone buy those?) we made it to the top of the Rock!

I kept putting my phone out of the glass barrier to take panoramic pictures and each time I had someone freaking out that I would drop it. I didn't, don't worry!

I tried taking a picture of April and Katie and Brooke with the background behind them by jumping up on some metal box on the side of the building. IMMEDIATELY I had a security guard right next to me (I have NO idea where he came from!) saying, "Get down! Get down immediately!!!" I wasn't gonna jump, buddy….

Empire State building!

I loved that after all these amazing views, when I found the rest of the group they were all on their phones :) (I'm sure looking at the pictures they'd been taking, but still just funny) :)

When we made it back to the ground, we found the "giant gold guy!"

                                            Someday I'm going to go ice skating right here.

We then went to St. Patrick's Cathedral. We asked a "local" where it was, and he smiled and said, "St. Patty's?" and pointed. It made my heart happy. It was undergoing some major renovations but it was still cool to see inside! Did you know this is the church where they were married in Miracle on 34 street? (the new one - I LOVE that movie!)

Not as pretty as the movie…but I blame the scaffolding!

I was planning on doing Day 2 and Day 3 today, but in looking at my pictures and seeing how long this already is, I'm going to break it up even more! I'm not even to lunchtime yet! (PS Get excited for lunchtime…It was soooooo good!)


LynnEl Springer said...

Great Great pictures! So many memories of a fantastic time in NYC!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like an amazing trip!

Marlena Christensen said...

Geesh., this is making me want to go to NYC so bad. Your hair is so long! I love it!

Doug and Alyssa said...

awesome! cant wait for the rest!!


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